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It is important that all nurses understand the role of their

local public health department in the control of TB and

know how to contact them should the need arise. Also, the

local health department should be notified when an active

TB case is about to be discharged from hospital to allow for

prompt case foilowup and the supply of appropriate TB


Individual case management includes contact tracing and foilowup.7Tiey ensure that clients are prescribed appropriate therapy consistent with

TB drug sensitivities. PHNs also assess and respond to the

clients" ability to comply with medication therapy and medical

followup. For example, PHNs nriay need to provide

directly observed therapy (DOT), best defined as the PHN

watching the client swallow each dose of prescribed TB

medication. They collaborate v^ith the attending physician

and other involved healthcare professionals and agencies

for the duration of treatment. PlTNs teach clients about the

possible side-effects of TB medication. In addition, they

educate clients, their families, healthcare professionals and

the general public about TB.

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    所有護理人員應了解如何加強與病人聯絡在地方公共衛生部門控制結核病的重要性。此外,當地衛生部門應當通知,活動性結核病例即將出院,以便讓 (公共衛生護士)及時隨訪病人,並提供適當的結核病藥品。個別病人管理,包括追踪和隨訪病人。公共衛生護士( PHNs) )確保病人獲得適當的治療與有效的結核藥物。公共衛生護士也評估和對病人能遵從藥物治療和隨訪負責。舉例來說, 公共衛生護士要提供直接觀察療法(DOT),最佳定義為公共衛生護士看著病人吞服下每劑結核病處方藥物。在療程中他們與主診醫師以及其他涉及醫護專業人士和機構共同合作。公共衛生護士教導病人關於防癆藥物治療,可能產生的副作用。此外,他們還要教育病人,他們的家人,醫護專業人員及一般公眾對結核病的知識。

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