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6. You will not undertake stud

6. You will not undertake studies or training for

more than four months.

7. You have sufficient funds for the initial

period of your stay in


8. Any employment is incidental to your holiday

in Australia and the

purpose of working is to supplement your holiday


Since 15 October 2007 all applicants for this

visa must declare that they

will respect Australian values and obey the laws

of Australia. As you did

not make this declaration as part of your visa

application you are now

required to make the following declaration and

return it for processing:

I declare that I will respect Australian

values during my stay in

Australia and will obey the laws of Australia

Australian values include respect for the freedom

and dignity of the

individual, freedom of religion, commitment to

the rule of law,

Parliamentary democracy, equality of men and

women and a spirit of

egalitarianism that embraces mutual respect,

tolerance, fair play and

compassion for those in need and pursuit of the

public good.

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    6. 你將不從事, 超過四個月以上的就學或訓練.

    7. 你有足夠的資金, 供給你停留在澳大利亞的期間.

    8. 任何在你澳大利亞的假期中的受雇, 均為偶發性質, (意思是說, 不是事先安排的) 其工作之目的, 亦僅為貼補你渡假資金.

    自 2007 年 10 月 15 日起, 所有申請本簽證者, 必須聲明, 他們會尊重澳大利亞的價值觀, 遵守澳大利亞的法律. 由於你簽證申請內, 並未作此聲明, 因此現在你必須作下列聲明後回寄, 以便處理: -

    本人聲明, 本人於停留澳大利亞期間, 將尊重澳大利亞的價值觀, 並嚴守澳大利亞的法律.

    澳大利亞的價值觀包括: 尊重個人的自由與尊嚴, 宗教自由, 信守法律規定, 議會民主, 男女平等, 與包含互相尊重容忍, 公平競爭, 和對窮困者的同情, 以及追求公益的平均主義.

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