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有沒有人知道希臘神話中的Olive branch?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    olive branch是橄欖枝,在西方文化中是和平的象徵,並不是一個人。如果你需要橄欖枝的意涵和由來,我再告訴你。

    2007-12-23 13:26:52 補充:

    olive branch除了字面上的橄欖枝的意思外,在西方文化中,已是和平和善意的象徴,大家都知道這種象徴源於古希臘。但細節則眾說紛云,沒有人知道橄欖枝和後來代表的和平之間到底有什麼明確的關連,但有很多解釋是說,橄欖枝會變成和平的象徵,實在是和橄欖樹成長緩慢有關,在戰亂中,種植橄欖樹成為不可能任務,因此,能拿到橄欖枝,表示西線無戰事,人民得以致力於農耕。目前和這傳說有關的記載如下:


    In Greek mythology,Zeus bestowed the newly created city of Athens to the god providing the most useful gift to humanity. Poseidon offered a war chariot with a fully equipped war horse. Athena offered the olive tree.[1] Olive wreaths were worn by brides[2] and awarded to olympic victors.[3]The symbolism of the olive branch was carried on to Ancient Rome, where a defeated army would carry olive branches as a gesture of peace.

  • 1 decade ago


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