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Going to Mexico?

We are going to Mexico and taking our 2 1/2 year old daughter.

Any tips besides don' drink the water?

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    Well I live in Mexico, so I should be able to help you.

    It depends on where you are going but I can help you anyway.

    You should ask how much a taxi costs before you get in a cab because the drivers try to rip off americans all the time. Don't drink the water and don't walk through the streets alone at night. I dont suggest eating at any of the food stands because they can make you sick too. Bring comfortable shoes because you walk alot. Pack for a lot of different kinds of clothes becuase the weather can be inconsistent sometimes. You dont have to tip as much in resturants as you do in the states. If you are going to mexico city never get a taxi becuase you will get kidnapped. Sometimes you will have to bride people and if a policeman asks for a color, he's telling you what color bill to give him. Most people appreciate you trying to speak spanish, they usually like that you're trying to learn their language even if you suck at it. You're daughter should like it there but make sure she washes her hands alot becuase mexico isnt as clean as the united states and you really dont want her getting sick on vacation. I hope you have lots of fun!! If you have anymore questions you can email me.

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    If you are US citizens and returning on Jan. 1st or later you must have a US passport in order to return. It is no longer good enough to flash a driver's license or even a voter's registration card.

    Don't go along with anybody who wants to buy your watch or anything else you are carrying or wearing. They are really interested in something else...

    And don't eat raw fruits or vegetables unless you peel them first as they have likely been 'washed' in water which is not potable.

    As long as you watch out for those things, you should have a great time! Mexico is a beautiful country, especially if you go further in beyond the border regions.

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    I don't know the area you are going to, but, I spent a week in Cancun a couple of years ago, and it was lovely. The people were extremely nice. I can't wait to go back.

    I strongly suggest sunscreen or sunblock, especially for your little one.

    Just have fun.

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    Don't change money here. Wait til you get to Mexico, you'll get a better exchange rate.

    DO NOT DRINK THE WATER unless it is bottled.

    Have fun!!

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    Depends on what part of Mexico you're going to. But for the most part don't accept things from strangers and don't talk to them. Most all speak English but will pretend they don't

  • Beware of Gypsy cabs.

    I personally wouldn't even go, there is so much to watch out for. I've been and I hated it. Won't go back.

  • Go to your doctor and get all the immunity shot they suggest.

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    start tsking vitamins so you dont get sick

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