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If you could say one thing to one celebrity, what would it be, and to who?

A face to face meeting with your 2 bits as the topic.

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    I would like to have a party and invite....

    Brad Pitt

    Bill O'Reilly

    Ed Harris

    Senator Mike Huckabee

    Perry Stone

    Bernie Goldberg

    Hilary Swank

    Victoria Beckham

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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    I would totally wanna talk to Britney Spears. I would tell her that I LOVE HER! And that everything was gonna work out in her favor if she'd prove to everyone that she isnt this person the media has made her out to be. I would tell her I believe in her because I think she needs a few people to support her. I would also say that I dont believe the stuff those reports are saying...I know shes a great person and a lot of people are rootin for her to bring her career back to life!

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    I love you. Shia Labeouf, the love of my life. Even though we never met and I'm 12 yrs older !!!!

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    i met all 3 of the jonas brothers on december 8 and i had a really great time meeting them but i totally forgot to tell them my name and i wanna get them all gifts but i pretty much told them everything i wanted to tell them and it was great and i got there autograph and i got to hug them and shake there hand

    it was really good

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  • i would love to talk to michael jackson the king of pop but yea who dosnt that will never happen though soo many thins i would like to tell him but again that will never happen

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    well, it's not going to happen, but "Anna, you are a beautiful person, and you have a beautiful daughter...don't do this to yourself." to Anna Nicole Smith

  • Anonymous
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    2 the J0nas Br0thers: "U guys R0CK!!! Can i hav ur aut0graph?"

    Pleas n0 0ne say theyre bad bcuz i <3 them!!!

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    "hi" to paris hilton

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    i would say "omg joe i am completely inlove with you!!!" and i would say it to joe jonas♥

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