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What should I do??

18 years old guy living in Palo Alto, ca.

She (potential girlfriend) is gone to France.

fought with family last night, because of what i have not done.

My love to my family has turned to hate and exasperation. Except to my bros, but they live abroad.

NO ONE wants to understand me, I didn't conclude this just from the last night's experiecne.

Sick of ADVICE, SICK of people TELLING me WHAT to DO.

Sick of trying to PLEASE everyone.

bored like ****.

my mind is about to blow up.

what would you do to take your mind off these things? How the .... can i have some fun ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Follow ur heart do what u want to do. ur 18, a grown man, i think u can make decisions on ur own now.

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