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do you agree with me that these commercials make poor kids feel bad?

hello my name is jeremy and im 13 and poor as hell and when my self and kids like me see all these commercials with rich suburban familys and there nice moms and dads with a house and car and money wih there spoiled as kids and they got these expensize cell phone bills and they make jokes about it and there inter net and high speed comcast and crap with there side kicks and razors and smart phone and ipods and v cast and toche screen crap for example that comcast commercial were the dad can give up his comcast for a day or get tackled and the family screams that pissed m off because some times my computer doesnt work. or the commercial with the 3 girls one got a poney her 2 firends got phones and kids like me see theese and what do we have? nothing it makes me feel poor as hell and befor it even made me cry because i dont have any of these nice things so incase any of you dont get what im saying im gone sum it up for you in the additional details


ok, my familys no money no house we live with my grandma no income and nothing all we have is are clothes. nd my dad is mean as hell and these is what me and millions of other kids like me see

rich nice dads with a job and there own house who r nice to thier kids and gets them stuf and teats them nice and they got all these phones side kicks razors sam sung smart phone ipods mp3 players toche screens v cast etc. and there high speed inter net and there huge as house in the suburbs with there nice mom whos works and has money and a nice car who also owns the house and there spoiled rich kids you moan and ***** about how BAAD there life is when its perfect and there high cell phone bills it makes me feel like crap do you agree plz give me your opinion

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    Luckily you live in a country where there are opportunities to improve your circumstances. Study hard, improve yourself, get good grades and you could earn grants and scholarships to college to study and get a good job and make money to have that materialistic life you don't like others having.

    Start with your spelling it could use some improvement.

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    Honey, I know what you feel like. It's hard when you family isn't what it could be, and it's hard when there's no money. I know that other kids DO have things you don't...but most kids really aren't like the ones on the commercials. You know those commercials where some guy buys his wife a Lexus (car) for Christmas? Well, that crap doesn't happen very often.

    Try not let it make you sad. They are only material things, and in a year...those $300 items those other kids get, will be outdated. The average person can't keep up. No one except the rich can keep up. It's hard now, because I know other kids judge you. It's pathetic that they haven't been taught any better but I know it happens. The best you can do is to keep your head up. Be proud to be you and don't let them, OR material things define who you are.

    Eleanor Roosevelt said "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.": She's right. You are your own person. You're not your father or are you, and some day you will be able to get your own job and work for your own money. Then, no one will be able to stop you...BUT, I guarantee, you will appreciate the things you have, more than people who have never had to see your side of the story!

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    Most average people don't live even the way they do on the commercials. It's all just a scheme by the companies. "If you buy this, you'll live like this family does!" or "If you buy this toy for your kids, they'll love you forever!" They're just trying to make you think that whatever they are selling is going to make them more of what they're not, which they're most likely NOT going to do.

    I do somewhat agree with you. But I don't think it's set out to make kids with less money feel bad; I think they're set out to make people feel as if they have to raise enough money to buy whatever the company is selling.

    But I do believe that it makes people look at what they don't have, instead of appreciating what they do have.

    But again, it's all just a plotting scheme companies have to make their products popular.

    Don't feel bad about it, though. I'll bet the actors doing the commercials also wish they lived the way they do when they're acting. But all the products and "cool" new toys will be outdated and forgotten about. Then the $300 that the kids' parents spent will have been wasted because that certain product isn't popular anymore. For example, think about tamagotchis. They were popular a couple of years ago, and all the parents spent $20 buying the "latest versions", but now most kids wouldn't be caught dead with one.

    I'm sorry you feel the way you do. I do sort of agree with you, though. But it's what commercials are for: to make you believe that you need what's on the commercial.

    -Claire ;)

  • Ella
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    Those are just marketing techniques. Not everyone lives like that. A lot of people struggle to make ends meet. And quiet a few deal with the choice between paying a bill or putting food on the table.

    Christmas isn't about the expensive gifts. It should be about spending time with friends and family.

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    Most of society does not live like what you see on commercials. It is all marketing to sell a product. There is always going to be someone out there with mor than you have, even if you are rich. It is human nature to want what others have, grow up, go to college, get a great job and buy whatever you want!

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    I feel what you are saying, its an unfair pressure that kids and adults need to deal with because as a society we allow such things to be on television (freedom of speech). You just really need to remember as lame as it sounds that there is more to life than ipods and comcast. Don't feed into those standards,

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    hey kiddo! I feel for you. the good news is, no family is perfect, and certainly, people like those in commercials if they exist at all. are in the minority. we all have our troubles, especially now with the housing market affecting our economy.

    all i can say is just be good, stay in school and someday, you will get a shot at a better life. I've been there too.

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    Ah hun, listen, dont pay any attention to these types of commercials. We are all humans, why should society make it a big deal to live such a luxurious life. Why? We all turn into dust and ashes anyway. When you see these commercials, turn off the TV, go outside, or hangout with your buddies. Dont pay attention to such media bullcrap.

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    Wow...I feel bad for ya that yu guys don't have all the stuff that you would like to have. You sound like a nice kid ☺

    Forget about all those commercials . They are just dumb TV.

    The good news is, you are getting old enough to be able to make some good cash yourself. Paper route , babysitting, that kinda stuff can make you some good cash $$$$

    You can do it ! You sound motivated ☺

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    i really feel for you.

    but as long as you have what you need [food, clothes, shelter, etc.]; you really shouldn't have a problem with these commercials. all they are displaying families whose parent's got a college education and are making good money.

    I enjoy the nice things that I own, and so do the people that have these phones + ponies and whatnot.

    you just need to be thankful for what you have.

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