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Why my internet connection drops at night times?

I am using a local Broad band service the problem is every day in the night time my internet connection goes down but others who are using the service from the same provider their net connection is up when mine is down........And the provider is asking me to format my machine.......But i don't know whether that makes sense or not?

Every day in the mid night my net connection goes down........

Do i have to format my machine to fix this problem....Please help me.........

will there be any reason like a virus running on my machine and disabling my internet service at a particular time...

Thanks in Advance....


And one more thing i do download lot of torrent movies..Is there anything to with this for my internet connection dropping?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Check your connection speed > <

    Never hurts to completely restore your PC after saving data needed to be saved . Select to "Delete" the Operating system then select to install "New"/"RAW" Operating System . I never try to reformat -or- repair . A Copmplete Retore is the way to go for me at least 3 timer per year . Dropped connections can be caused anything it seems . There is a proper procedure for completely resroring a PC to . Install Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware softwares last . That is after installing : All Microsoft updates , ISP,Printer Drivers , and all the software directly relating to the PC . Run full system scans right after installing the Anti-Virus and right after Anti-Spyware softwares . If your ISP is recommending reformatting , then they must see that your connection is strong . Are you wireless ? Alwyays provide model and router and modem info when asking for help . A Router is a must and this is purchased at a store . Also , go to your PCs website and look for Software and Driver updates/Look carefuly to what may apply to your connection issue and download them . Many people are unaware that we must manualy check for updates of Drivers and Softwares at our PCs website . After each restore , this is a must . Some people download every single update available . If you are Computer Savy , you can tell which sofwares and Drivers are neccessary for your uses . Each update will have a decription of its needs .

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Formatting the machine is a really terrible suggestion, this is the kind of thing children with 10 minutes computer experience recommend when anything goes wrong. Your ISP help team are useless. If this was a bug, it would happen more regularly. Check your modem or router configuration, look for dhcp lease time. Set it to 28 days, many come configured to one day or less, this causes the drop. It never hurts to do a spyware and virus scan, but doubtful this is the problem.

  • 5 years ago

    Formatting the device is a very damaging advice, that's the form of difficulty little ones with 10 minutes workstation adventure propose while something is going incorrect. Your ISP help team are ineffective. If this replaced right into a malicious program, it could take place greater oftentimes. verify your modem or router configuration, seem for dhcp hire time. Set it to 20-eight days, many come configured to sooner or later or much less, this reasons the drop. It in no way hurts to do a spyware and virus test, yet doubtful that's the concern.

  • 1 decade ago

    Typically, Torrents or "formatting" aren't related to this problem.

    If you are using DSL, or a router, you may want to check the settings on these devices.

    If you do not know how to access the configurations, click on Start, then go to Run. Type in "CMD" without the quotes, and press Enter.

    When the command prompt comes up, type "ipconfig" without the quotes. You should see a set of numbers after the string, "Default Gateway...", it should look similar to

    Whatever that number happens to be, open your Internet browser, and type that into the URL form. If you have a DSL modem, there will probably be a setting in there (near your connection settings) saying something like, "Always On" or "Timeout", or something like that. Your router may also have this feature enabled. You need to make sure that your "Always On" feature is enabled, and if there is a "Time Out" entry form, set it to "0" (usually means 'Always On') if you can't find how to turn it to "Always On".

  • 1 decade ago

    If it happens at a specific time every night, it's not your computer - it's your internet provider. More than likely the router switch that your connection is going through is overloaded, & the company doesn't want to pay money to have another one installed in the area. So you're stuck with slower speeds when every one else is trying to access the 'net.

    Source(s): i AM tech support.
  • 1 decade ago

    I had the same problem with mine for a few months, every night around 1am it would just get very slow or not even connect me, I had Comcast and once I complained they fixed the problem. They never told me what the problem was but I live out in the woods so the connection wasn't the best anyway but it has since improved.

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