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I dont have any money, but i want to give my parents something for Christmas what can i give them?

I thought about making a card or something but i think im a little to old to make my parents card due to the fact that im 15, but i want to give my parents something. What can i make/give them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    take a couple of boxes of macaroni noodles (uncooked) and make a self portrait by gluing them to some construction can "paint" them with markers...

  • N F
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    1 decade ago

    Give them a memory. That's the best gift.

    I'm a lot older than you and I have a bit of money. That's not the problem. My issue has been for years that my parents have a good deal of money and there is nothing in this world I can buy them. In fact, in past years anything I've bought them has gone to the church rummage sale without even being opened. My parents moved to PA a couple of years ago. They both grew up in the South Bronx and they've been together since they were young children. They moved several times and worked extremely hard to get to where they are in life.

    What I did was this: I went to all the addresses they ever lived, including the tenaments they lived in as babies. I photographed each building. I then made a photo time-line in those long, narrow photo frames; the ones where you can put 6 or 8 pics across. I did 2 of those with all the places they lived. When I gave it to them they were overwhelmed. It cost me a couple of bucks for the frames in a craft store. That was it. The frames are now over their fireplace and they love showing guests when they come over. If for no other reason, it shows how far they've come in 45 years.

    I think people love stuff that triggers memories and both good and bitter-sweet memories. Photo albums, pictures, etc. are great gifts. If your parents have tons of pics that aren't organized and are just in piles and boxes and drawers. Organize the pics for them. A card with a promise to take on a project like that would be great.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sure there are things you can do that would make them happy. Make up job coupons mixed with other things. Being 15 maybe you don't hug your parents as much as you used to.

    Some ideas:

    1. Clear the table (without complaining if you do sometimes)

    2. Clean my room

    3. One free hug

    4. One weekend breakfast (eggs, toast, or even can be specific)

    5. Ideas specific to your parents likes (maybe go do an activity they want you to do with them that you normally wouldn't do)

    Ideas like can make them on the computer and find a nice border or something.

    My parents loved these and my mom still talks about the ones I did when I was about your age.

  • 1 decade ago

    The best thing I ever gave my mom.. so I am told... was a scrap book I made with pictures of me and my brother growing up. I started out with both of us really young and at the end had the most recent pictures. You don't need anything too special just some pictures and construction paper or glue.... OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH wait I just remembered once my brother and I cleaned the whole house while my parents were out shopping and made a sign that said something like Merry Christmas from your favorite elves or something... My mom absolutely loved that she didn't have to clean the house.

  • 1 decade ago

    It all depends on your parents. You could make them a coupon book, for things like making dinner one night or if you have younger siblings a coupon or two to watch them so your parents can go out for the evening. Maybe some for chores.

    Or write them a letter telling them what they mean to you, how much you appreciate all they have done for you and how much you love them.

    Anything from the heart, parents appreciate those gifts the most.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas

  • 1 decade ago

    You're never too old to make your parents a card.They would love that.

    Offer to clean up the house before or after Christmas and make them breakfast on Christmas morning.

    It doesn't take money to let someone know that you truly love them.Just being together and appreciating one another is the biggest gift of all.

    Merry Christmas to all your family and may God bless.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A card would be great - with a message inside that tells how much they mean to you.

    Parents appreciate this much more than any present.

    One of my daughters used to always make things for me-(without actually spending any money herself) one year she found some clay garden pots that I had sitting in the shed - she just painted them with bright designs.

    Other years I have had vouchers - just handwritten cards giving me some treat - breakfast in bed ( that i actually don't like - I like to be sitting up to eat) or maybe for some task around the house.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  • 1 decade ago

    Why not make them breakfast on Christmas morning? Or offer to do somethings that you don't really like doing - that way they will know you are really trying to help.

    Tell them you love them and promise to do something every week for them.

    Buying presents is not always the very best thing to do but showing love will last for longer than any present.

  • Wiz
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Make them a card and show them love and respect. The suggestion to help around the house is a good one. You could make up a coupon book with coupons "Good for washing the dishes", "good for vacuuming the floors" and other things like that.

  • 1 decade ago

    if you have family pic of you all you could make them a nice collage with little sayings, or a nice card would work im sure they will love anything seeing how it came from the heart, they will just be happy you put in the effort, alot of kids your age dont even bother to do anything they are so worried about getting something themselves!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    type a short story of your life for your parents and for the cover used colored construction paper and put pictures of them and you and write in christmas colors somthing like MERRY HRISTMAS TO THE #1 parents! also if you could find somthing like an old bib of yours or somthing like a shirt from when you were a baby and put that in the book and write ill always be ur lil boy. parents for some reason love gifts from the heart and they would love it and know that you worked hatd on it


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