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aiight theres this gurl?

k so shes way in my class last year , and anyway i talk to her all the time on myspace , and last night i was talking to her for lyke 3 and a half hours . anyway , so first she was playing with her sister , and i was talking 2 1 of her friends , and her friend asked if i lyked sarah wich is the gurl that im talking about , anyway so i said i dont lyke her but i think shes fine and wud definately go out with her , anyway i was talking to her fried for a while , and then sarah wanted to talk to me again , and she was telling me how lyke she hella wants to see me ( i havent seen her in a couple of months ) and asked me if i wasnted to see her , and i sayed yeah , anyway , so she told me to ask her any question , and she wud answer it , so yeah ne way i wasnt sure if she wanted to ask me if i liked her , so finally she told me to ask her who she liked , and i did , and she sayed she liked sum dude named edwin , andway i was just like ok , so wuts going on here lol ?


oh yeah , and also i told her , lyke aiight unless u wanna call me ima go cuz im gettin too tired to type lol , and i gave her my number , ne way she called me , and we were talking for a sec and then she was lyke oh sorry i gtg , so b4 i fell asleep i decided to check my myspace , and shes was lyke oh yeah , if ever wanna call me here my number , and so she gave me her number but it was a house phone so i didnt wanna call it cuz it was lyke 4 in the morning , and i dont really wana ask her out , cuz on the off chance she doesnt lyke me , its gonna be acward talking 2 her , because we talk on a regular basis , and i dont wanna **** that up , so wut exactly shud i do ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    sorry, but it seems like you are purposely trying to spell everything wrong. I could not get past the 1st sectance. if you want a good answer ask a good question.

  • 1 decade ago

    i think she likes you... she probably just sad edwin cuz she was tryin to cover but i think u should tell her you like her. thats how i got my last boyfriend.....

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