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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsPDAs & Handhelds · 1 decade ago

How much space does a psp have?

Hello,I am fairly new to the psp and i have a few questions

How much space does the psp hard drive have?

Is there a diffrent psp version with more space?

are you able to upgrade your hard drive?

When you buy a psp game do you install it like a computer? or do you just put the disc in and start playing like a gameboy?

I am considering downloading games of the internet for my psp,does that take up extra space?

What do I do if I download a faulty torrent and my psp becomes infected?

Does anyone have any good reliable sites for downloading psp games?

Thank you!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    The PSP has internal harddrive but it is not accesible this is for carrying the operating system. You save data to the PSP memory stick and you can buy these with memory from 32mb to 8g so far. A PSP uses UMD or Universal Media Disks these are inserted it to the PSP and you play from the disk you can't install it. You can get games from the internet and some of these are free. My advice is get them from the playstation store because if you get them from alternative sources they will proberble not work as they are for Custom Firmware and are homebrews. The PSP has other capabilitys as well such as video and music playback. The internet and many other things. It is always good to look up its feutures and consider what you could use it for before buying one.

    Source(s): I have a PSP and its the best thing that I have been bought, I use it daily. Hope this helps... Astano
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