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Has anyone any experience of the new lpg system for diesels?

There is a system out where a small amount of lpg (propane) is added to the diesel as it goes into the cylinders, this reduces the surface tension of the diesel making it easier to ignite and so it burns better and cleaner. Companies claim a burn of 95% fuel rather than usual 75% fuel burnt, engines run cleaner and cooler so less wear and tear. it's about £2k to fit and they claim an overall fuel savi ng of about 20% when better burn, more punch per burn, cooler running etc are considered. Does anyone have any in depth knowledge, thoughts, experiences? Thanks

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    Propane injection has been a popular method of increasing diesel performance for many years, but if you're looking for better fuel economy, then don't bother. You will get more power but you will be burning two types of fuel at the same time, and you will have to haul around those heavy propane bottles too.

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