In the movie I Am Legend, didn't alice..? Pt2?

In the movie I Am Legend, didn't alice..?

in the movie I Am Legend, didn't alice braga have a small butterfly tattoo near the side and base of her neck? a small blueish purple butterfly? doesn't anyone remember that part? i think it was where they were talking about god and stuff, and will smith looks at her neck and see its. does anyone know what i'm talking about? that or i am really going insane.. >.< help!

and in addition to that, is there a picture?? i really want a picture of it, because i was thinking of getting something like it please help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes there was a butterfly on her neck. Thats where he remembers his child saying look daddy a butterfly. He knows the cure then and becomes a legend. As far as pics go ummm try googling pics from the movie Im sure there is pics out there.

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    1 decade ago

    I dont remember how it looked like but i know wat you mean i saw it too but If you want to go find out watch it again thats all and record it just in case but dnt get caught

    OH GREAT MOVIE BY THE WAY !!! best movie in the last 2 years

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