What is the population of Earth?

Me and my girlfriend were just wondering this.

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    The world population is the total number of humans on Earth at a given time. In September 2007, the world's population is believed to have reached over 6.6 billion. In line with population projections, this figure continues to grow at rates that were unprecedented before the 20th century, although the rate of increase has almost halved since its peak, which was reached in 1963, of 2.2 percent per year. The world's population is expected to reach over 9 billion by the year 2050. A map that is rescaled in order to display every country according to its population size is available at the University of Sheffield 'Worldmapper' site. Or you can explore population patterns and trends on the GeoHive interactive world atlas.

    The 17 most populous nations

    China: 1.32 billion (about 20% of world population)

    India: 1.12 billion (about 17%)

    United States: 300 million (about 4.6%)

    Indonesia: 225 million (about 3.5%)

    Brazil: 186 million (about 2.8%)

    Pakistan: 165 million (about 2.5%)

    Bangladesh: 147 million (about 2.3%)

    Russia: 143 million (about 2.2%)

    Nigeria: 135 million (about 2.1%)

    Japan: 128 million (about 2.0%)

    Mexico: 108 million (about 1.7%)

    Vietnam: 87 million (about 1.3%)

    Philippines: 86 million (about 1.3%)

    Germany: 82 million (about 1.3%)

    Egypt: 75 million (about 1.2%)

    Ethiopia: 75 million (about 1.2%)

    Turkey: 73 million (about 1.2%)

    Approximately 4.4 billion people live in these 17 countries, representing roughly two-thirds of the world's population. If added together, all nations in the European Union, with 494 million people – about 7.3% of world's population in 2006 – would be third in the list above.

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    The human population is astonishingly about 6 billion people. But everyday people die and people are born so it is somewhere in that balance. It is said that a baby is born every time you take a breath.

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    I would say 6 to 10 billion

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    Who stated it didnt artwork for China. That usa is overly populated from the very commencing up, and you are able to no longer anticipate a unexpected downfal in inhabitants after the regulation implementation. concerns like inhabitants administration takes a great style of time. In china, it formally restricts married, city couples to having purely one newborn, in spite of the certainty that it helps exemptions for a number of circumstances, which comprise rural couples, ethnic minorities, and oldsters devoid of any siblings themselves. A spokesperson of the Committee on the single-newborn coverage has stated that approximately 35.9% of China's inhabitants is presently difficulty to the single-newborn restrict. with reference to the oxygen point concerns, its no longer purely via fact of increasing human heads, its additionally via fact of a few thing we call "deforestation". The governtment of maximum countries(which comprise mine) are packed with crap. they're least worried with reference to the persevering with state of affairs. Its like they have a fashion of reacting for a situation, that's to its severe factor. and assured this situation will enlighten the governments quickly interior of 5-6 years while each little thing might seem uncontrolled.

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    The population of earth is somewhere around 9.6 billion people. If you wanted animals too, good luck finding that out. :P

    Source(s): An Inconvenient Truth
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    I believe it is around 6 billion people at this time.

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    roughly 6 billion

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    THere are 7 billion people on this earth.

    Or something like that.

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    6.6 to 7 billion. an exact number is almost impossible to get.

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