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vern asked in TravelAir Travel · 1 decade ago

sex on an airplane?

have you ever had sex on an airliner? what are the consequences of getting caught?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You would get arrested by the local authorities. You would also be banned from the Airline, and possiblly other airlines. Don't run the risk be honest with you...AIRPLANES ARE NASTY...They don't get sanitized much, the floors are most likely the ORIGINAL carpet that came with the airplane. I am a flight attendant and I know how nasty these planes are. I constantly have wipes with me to clean my hands. If you can think of the nastiest thing that has happened on a airplane, it most likely has already happened and you could be sitting (or having sex) in the exact spot it happened in....Don't Do It!!!!!

    Source(s): Current Flight Attendant
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If a guy and a gal really hit it off on an airliner, and want to join the "Mile-high Club," all they need to do is enter a lavatory together. If questioned when they come out, simply say that she needed help adjusting an undergarment. It'd be LAME, but no one could prove otherwise. And so far, there are no cameras or microphones in those restrooms.

    And -- by all means! -- DO read the story in the link provided by "Alexi," below, and you'll find that the couple's sex in the bathroom wasn't even on the radar compared to all the *serious* offenses they committed! It was those OTHER disruptive things that the drunken couple did that resulted in the decision to land the plane en route. (I'm surprised that "Alexi" chose this story to "back" his assertions.)

  • Alexi
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    1 decade ago

    Umm - I guess that the flying public does not really know this that well but if you get caught, you are in serious trouble - jail time and huge fine - take a look at this article...

    I have also been on planes that have been diverted b/c the passengers were roudy (and the airline charged the passengers to recoup the losses - diverting ain't cheap).

  • Ryan
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    1 decade ago

    Mile high club....Lol. It's not a good idea to do it, although if you get caught they'll most likely only give you a slap on the wrist and a verbal warning. It's honestly not that big a deal. But, with the stricter airplanes rules and regulations lately, probably not a good idea to try it.

  • 1 decade ago

    It can be pretty difficult to accomplish given that there's hardly any room to move on an airplane.

    As for consequences... what CAN they do? It's not like the airline staff are local law enforcement.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No i havent joined the mile high club but i would love too BUT i think the risk of being banned by my favorite airline or any airline at all would ******* blow.

    so i guess i will just have to keep my sexual incounters to the ground.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    in basic terms to furnish you with a warning, in case you're caught - you will possibly be able to desire to get in extreme complication. and likewise, maximum airplanes (even those of JUMBO length) have small loos. it fairly is unlike those in "soul airplane" the place it would desire to be as huge as room, noooooope~ If the two certainly one of you're mushy in cramped factors, in basic terms tell him ordinary what you're making plans to do. it would be terrible for the the two certainly one of you to be making out in public, relatively in case you have a seat mate. What you're able to do (relatively if there is not any seat mate), you could in basic terms placed on a skirt and permit him to play with you from there. No intercouse. Or vice versa with him. this might help decrease the prospect of having caught. additionally, please attempt to conceal all the moaning :)

  • After 9/11, it's a bad idea...flying commercial.

    Now if you want to hire a private jet and let the pilot know

    "if the plane starts rockin', don't come knockin'" ain't turbulance...knock yourself out!

  • 1 decade ago

    yes......i do believe you would get arrested for lewd behavior and 86'ed from the airline in question the stewardess would probably get fired!

  • Hanna
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    You get complained and probably get caught when you land. Be patient and wait til landing, my friend.

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