If my tv only has 1080i resolution is a blu-ray/hi-def dvd player worth the investment?

I have an older hi-def tv (3yrs) which has a resolution of 1080i. Since Blu-Ray/Hi-Def can output in a resolution of 1080p is it worth the investment in one of these players or should I upgrade my tv first?


In regards to some questions posted in responses, it is a 51" Sony with 1HDMI input

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    definately upgrade your tv first. The hd-tv, hd-dvd, or blue ray, wont even work on your tv, if it doesent have proper settings and equipment. Also, even if you get the best hd, or blue ray on the planet it wont look good unless you have ALOT of megapixels which i doubt your 3 yr. old tv has.. so overall upgrade your tv.,, its not worth having the hight tech really crystal clear systems if you dont have a tv. that can match up to the clarity that your dvd, and blue ray discs, have.

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    Does your TV support HDMI or DVI-D? If not an HD-DVD player or Blu-ray may not play in 1080i, since you would be using Component Video as a connection.

    If your TV does support HDMI then yes, the player can output in 1080i.

    lastly, I would recommend if you are really consious of what format will win, consider getting the new LG HD-DVD/Blu-ray player, so you'll be set to go!

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    Get the player first. You have not even started using 1080i yet. It's a small (if even noticeable) improvement between the i and p at this resolution.

    Your next TV - get 1080p compatible, but you are better off getting a player now.

    Note: Both HD-DVD players and BluRay support 1080 so either one would be good.

    If you are going with BluRay - consider getting the PS3. It is the "gold standard" of BluRay players and most other players dont come close to it in the magazine reviews. And its only about $70 more than a stand-alone player.

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    I agree that the difference between 1080i & 1080p is tough to detect however we know 1080p is better.

    The HD DVD will blow you away on your set. It's not wise to continully chase technology.

    Newer formats of HD are on the way. I'd hold off until the next genoration of players comes out. then you can pick up todays standard of HD DVD and save yourself a couple of bucks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Chances are the difference between 1080i and 1080p will be so slight that it won't be worth the upgrade of your TV.

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    If your HD LCD TV is only 32 inches then you won't notice the difference between 720p or 1080p.

    Unless you plan on replacing your TV,the Blu ray is not worth the price.

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