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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 1 decade ago

What is the code of the safe for GTA:Vice City Stories game mission "Domo Arigato Domestobot?"?


for PS2 game

3 Answers

  • Tim R
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    Domo Arigato Domestoboto



    Overivew: Burn the Mendez's breaker bonds

    Money: $2000

    Diaz wants you to destroy the Medez's breaker bonds. To do this you will use

    some hitech equipment to take over the Domestobot the well advitised robot.

    The bot controller has short range so you firstly need to make the trip up to

    the mansion up north and jump in the van to continue.

    The Domestobot has 4 functions: Pleasure, flame, carrier, cleaning and

    scanning. The main objective is to find the safe containing the bonds but as

    you do this you will be called to do other tasks. The bot works like a car

    and the weapon change buttons scroll through the options on the bot.

    If you are called to clean, you have to activate the cleaning hand and then

    pass over the rubbish, shown on the map.

    when asked to get a drink you have to ehad to the kitchen, use the grabbing

    hand to pick up a drink and then head to Mendez.

    when called to light the Mendez's cigar, activate the lighter and head to


    The pleasure is not used but if you drive to any girl in the house you will

    hear some comments.

    To find the safe you need to activate the scanner feature. Then when you

    approach the safe the beeps will gain more rapid. To find the safe head to the

    storeroom to the right of the kitchen and approach the marker in the corner of

    this room. Then in the basement head round the corner to find the safe.

    To open the safe you need to crack the code. Anyone that has played Mastermind

    will be right at home here cracking the code. A light blue marker means you

    have the right number in the wrong spot, a green means correct marker in wrong

    spot and grey means the number is wrong. You have 20 attempts to complete this

    task. If you wish to see the answer scroll down but if you wish to solve it

    yourself I reccomend this stratergy.

    Firstly, do all 1s, then all 2s etc. You will now know what 4 numbers make up

    the solution. Then in your remaining attempts you can put these numbers in the

    correct order. The solution to the puzzle is:


    With the code input, the door will open. Then change to the lighting arm and

    park on the marker to complete the mission.

    It is now time to bid farewell to Reni so head to the hospital for her last


  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    domo arigato mean thank you very much in japanese i'm guessing the last word means something like sir or or something like that

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    Both どうもありがとうございます (Dōmo Arigatō gozaimasu) and どうもありがとうございました (Dōmo Arigatō gozaimashita) mean "Thank you very much", but the latter is in past tense, it is more polite and more formal. In Japanese, usually the longer the phrase, the more polite it is. どうも (Dōmo) and ありがとう (Arigatō) can be used to say thank you. Gozaimasu and gozaimashita both come from an old verb gozaru that means "aru", "to have". It's a very humble way to say "I have deep gratitude, thank you very much"

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