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Books on North American Indians?

What are some good, informational books about the Pre-Columbian Native tribes in present day South Western US and Northern Mexico?

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    I would read The Handbook of North American Indians Vol 9 and 10 to start with. If you want more, there is a bibliography, but you might want more up to date information.

    If you check out the tribal websites (wow, no such thing when I was in school!) remember that what is truth to a Navajo, may very well be false to a Hopi. Gather a variety of information before you make assumptions and acceptances.

    Oh, that is actually what scholars do.

    Source(s): Handbook of North American Indians Vol 9 & 10, by Ortiz, published by the Smithsonian Institution.
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    For the best information, I would suggest going to the tribal websites, or inquiring about books from the tribal libraries. Some of the best books from these libraries are written by the people themselves instead of some scholar a thousand miles away who bases his theories on other authors. Most tribes have websites where you can track down the libraries or historical departments.

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    As an undergraduate in 1973, I used Harold Driver's Indians of North America as a text. I bought a used copy for my personal library to use as a reference book. It still serves it's purpose.

    I also recommend the Bureau of American Ethnography. There are primary source accounts included from the missions living among the native population. I used one written by a missionary who lived among the Huron (northeastern North America, of course, though there are probably similar accounts from the Spanish friars) as a source for a paper in "Peoples and Cultures of North America".

    Most of the material we have available was prepared after first contact. The earlier information is mostly coming from oral traditions. Meso-American cultures used writing, and there are old pictographic records from peoples north of the Rio Grande.

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    The last Comanche chief, subtitled the life of Quana Parker. Written by Bill Neely, gives some historical account of the Comanche's raids in northern Mexico.

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    W. Michael Gear Katherine O'Neal Gear They have a number of books on Native American culture. I read one that involved the Anasazi. While I believe the books are good, I am not familiar with the material to know if its considered accurate. Also, their are aspects shown of the culture that is dark. Raising Abel is about geneticists trying to prove Neanderthals connection to humans by cloning embryos and impregnating volunteers. I enjoyed it. Neanderthal by John Darnton is about archaeologists stumbling on living Neanderthals in remote Asia and having to deal with those who do not want them discovered.

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    Go to the Library.

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