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i really need help to figure out why is my ex saying diffrent things to diffrent ppl?

alright me and my bf broke up month it ago , and last nite he finaly told me the truth about why we broke up and stuff like that what he told me last nite is :he said , i do and i will love u for a loong time because ur my fist gf fist kiss first ......, and im not gonna get over u that soon , but i need u to understand why we broke up we broke up because ur to controling , i lost all my friends and other **** , then he goes just forget about me get over me , and i was like im not gona forget about u its not possible and im not gonna get over u so u just might have todeal with that , and then he goes dont talk to me for while give me space and when i want to talk to u ... we will start from there being frinds and i wantto go back out with u one day and if do go back out one day i wanna start from the beginning all over again , and the thing that im saying its not going to be any time soon i mean 4-5 months minumum but if u keep it up it will turn to years


and today he said this to my friend :it got so bad to the point where i had to be here at this time i had to be home at that time i could not hang out with this person i had to call her at this time and get off at this time she need to no where i was 100% of the time and i had to call her when ever i got where i was goingyea it got bad so i said **** this and this time its for good if i do it wont be for a long long time like at least a year , yea i do love her ....i mean it will take a long time for me to get 100% over her cuz she was my first everything u no what i mean there is alot there to just forget. so i dont kno what to think i mean he made me sound like im bad gf and all and im not first he tell mes 5 months minumum and now he tells my fruiend atleast a year , guys i dont know what to think does he wants to forget about me ? or he just wantst o pretednt to forget about me ... and i dont know what is he trying to do it either he wants to go back out or he dosent ...

Update 2:

i mean if he loves me , then why does he want me to forget about him , im confused and i dont know what to do at this point ... what do u guys think ? the way he sounds what should i do i just want to back off and let him do whatever he wants but i love him and i just cant get over him theer is no way i can forget about him its not possible and what he sais does he even thinking on goinbackout with me because idk what to think and right now i really dont care but i love him so i would wanna know if teher is any chances for us to go back out on scale from 1 -10 how many chances do i have

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