Jainism is older or Hinduism? Is Hinduism offshoot of Jainism?

Jainism is oldest religion or hinduism?

The word hinduism was coined by Britishers as a common name to every big small religions of India.

Is Hinduism offshoot of Jainism? Becuase most of principles in Hinduism are drawn from Jainism- eg Karma, soul, Yoga, non violance. Prior to this vedic religion was against all such practices who believed only in yagna, sacrifce of animals , alcohol and meet eating.

Many temples of Jainism are also converted as hinduism by fanatic Shankaracharya.

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    Obviously Jainism is much much older than Hinduism. Hinduism is recent phenomenon drawn out of Vedic practices.

    In dravid dominated culture and country, indus valley excavations have depicted existence of Shramanic culture which Dravidians were practicing. Principles like Yog, non-violance, Karma , Soul theory were used by dravidians and Jainism . Aryans who invaded india around 3000 years ago were basically nomads from central and eastern europe came on horses defeated dravidians. To call themselves indegeneous , brahminic theory accepted many gods of Jainism, for eg. Rishabdev (which is mentioned in rigveda) was original Jain god much older than any other god was later renamed as Siva (mahadev). Interestingly Siva and Rishab's birthday is same (that is mahasivaratri) and their symbol is same. However Rishabdev was a nude god and brahminic culture mocked him, called god of destruction and renamed as Siva with his character depicted as Linga( because he was nude) sitting infront of Nandi.

    Saivism and vaishnavism had no relation with each other being enemies. So hinduism cannot be considered older than 500 years old (named by britishers) and brahminic(vedic religion) cannot be more than 3000 years . There is none of Vedic god or any evidence found in harappa or mohanjodaro,however some futile claims have been made.

    Moreover Veda did not believe in any god except rain, fire, earth and sky. Most of present gods are manifestation of these natural powers and hence imaginary. there was no god in Hinduism , there was no karma, soul and non-violance theory in hinduism, It was drawn from Jainism. Brahmins copied everything good from Jainism to replace their religious practices like sacrifice, yagna and meat offering practices.

    Many other gods in South India are also actually renamed converted from dravidian jain culture around 800 a.d. by shankaracharya during bhakti movement when thousands of dravidian saints were killed, there are around 200 sites , caves around madurai are witness which are as old as 400 century a.d.

    Moreover Ramayana talks about horses, but no horses ever existed in indus valley civilization as per archaelogist, it clear proves vedic religion did not exist in bharat prior to 3000 years. None of god in Hinduism is real , they are imaginary.

    My answer Hinduism is offshoot of Jainism and its present name is foreign which was coined by outsiders like britishers or muslism, Only way hinduism can be correlated to Jainism is through a common god called Rishab which was accepted by Vedic system as Siva as jungle god. that is why you see siva (with insult) with opium, snake and tiger skin.

    Hinduism is xerox copy of Shramanic system as far as many reincarnated gods are concerned , as far as many principles are concerned.

    However no real dravid jains left and only some aryans practicing jainism is what is called jainism which is considered as part of hinduism. But it doesn't mean some hindu's following christianity recently makes christianity as offshoot of Hinduism.

    Jainism is world's oldest religion and dravidians is oldest culture (dravidiaans have been made dalits , untouchables by Aryans caste system) which was indegeneous culture and home to bharat.

    Bharat king was a Jain king. At present the history what we read in India is manipulated time to time by brahmin forces which gives total wrong facts.

    We find better and genuine version of indian history and jain history outside india with modern researchers in west which has factual and evidence based facts.

    Hinduism is not a religion , it is a caste based social order.

    Jainism is atleast 8000 years old as researched in Canadian universtieis and German universties.

    Source(s): Source: Jainism adn the New Spirituality by Dr. Vastupal Parikh.
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    Jainism And Hinduism

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    Jainism is older or Hinduism? Is Hinduism offshoot of Jainism?

    Jainism is oldest religion or hinduism?

    The word hinduism was coined by Britishers as a common name to every big small religions of India.

    Is Hinduism offshoot of Jainism? Becuase most of principles in Hinduism are drawn from Jainism- eg Karma, soul, Yoga, non violance. Prior to this vedic...

    Source(s): jainism older hinduism hinduism offshoot jainism: https://shortly.im/l659d
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    Jainism is older than Vedic religion of the Hindus. As Jainism, in all respects, is a religion of India, it has very close relations with other main religions of India like Hinduism and Buddhism. Formerly, it was thought that Jainism was a branch either of Buddhism or of Hinduism. But now it is an established fact that Jainism is a distinct religion of India and not a branch of any other religion. Similarly, it is also accepted that Jainism is an ancient religion of India and that it is older not only than Buddhism but also older than Vedic religion of the Hindus.

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    Buddhists also claim that their Gautama Buddha was preceded by many other "Buddhas" predating Hinduism and Jainism. Vedas mention Rishabha who is considered by Jains as first Jain tirthankar. Vedas also mention many other sages who are considered Hindu/ Sanatan by all. Use your common sense and tell me how does this prove that Jainism is older? On the other hand, since your first tirthankar is mentioned in their scriptures which are undoubtedly older than any Jain texts, Hindus can logically lay a claim over your religion as an extended or whatever part of theirs (though merely laying a claim doesn't make the claim true). Probably the truth is: Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism all had common roots in ancient Indian ascetic practices, but since the Vedic was the first one to emerge out as an organized or defined body of scriptures/ metaphysics/ practices, Vedic Hinduism is considered to be the oldest and rightly so. By the way, your claim that Rishabha existed around 7190 BC is not historically verifiable one, and going by such independent research claims as yours, Hinduism's Mahabharata alone is claimed to be 5000 years old (according to planetary positions provided in that text) and thus time of Rig Veda calculated out to be around 8500 BC, which again makes Vedas older.

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    Rishabh, founder of Jainism is mentioned as a minor deity in Rig Veda. That maskes Jainism nearly as old as Hinduism.

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    jainism was much older then hinduism, in fact hinduism derived from jainism.

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    Hinduism is older than jainism. Jainism started as a break-away sect of hindusim. the followers of jainism didn't believe in violence and killing of any living being.

    jainism, though borrows it ideology from hinduism, is seperate and a different religion.

    just to increase the count of hindu's and to make their majority status stronger hindu's have started counting jainism, buddhism and sikhism a part of hinduism

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    the asker's comment is a dumbass comment first of all as he believes this dumb sh*t.

    second the guy who answered is also dumb to believe and lecture so much and in detail abt what he knows.

    he (best answer)has written all this by himself(not a copy paste from somewhere) as what he has written is not to be found anywhere on internet as it is not a fact and complete bullshit

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    hinduism is the oldest religion, dates from 1st and 2nd BCE

    jainism originated in the 6th century BC

    Source(s): ENCYCLOPEADIA
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