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By the skin of their teeth 點解?

by the skin of their teeth 點解? 原文係 I guarantee that without the purchase and sale of this property, they would have been living by the skin of their teeth.

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    by the skin of one's teeth是剛好,勉強(僅僅)的意思

    除了這句以外,翻譯這句時,還要留意would have been,would +have +been是一種特別的用法,是臆測的說法,如:I think Tom would have gone(我認為湯姆當時已經去了:但湯姆當時有沒有去,說話者未能確定)


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    According to Oxford Advance Learner's Dictionary, 'by the skin of one's teeth' means 'only just'. Following the explanation, it has a sample sentence: He escaped by the skin of his teeth. 他剛好及時逃掉。

    Your above sentences should mean the money which they get from the puchase and sale of the related property help them to solve lots of problem, otherwise their financial status at that time was just enough for them to survive.

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    By the skin of their teeth


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