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Dear elder brother:

I enter the Wenzao nearly to have 3 months time. Had known very many classmates in the school, each classmates will be very interesting, some classmates ages with me the same, some classmates almost be graduating.

Has a classmate calls Ame in the classs, she looks after very much to me, because i work have not attended class, she had again which speaks same day teacher to me saying, schoolwork aspect also very much helped me, you not to see her, will have the opportunity to introduce knew mutually for you.

How doesn't know your situation in the northerm?Because is far away relations, therefore you can not come back frequently, when you come back, daddy and mother the face expression to happiness, because you are the most obedient child, hope you can look after yourself well in the distant place.

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    I have joined the Wenzao 3 months already, and have known a lot of classmates at the school. Everybody is interested very much. Some classamtes have the same age with me, and some classment are almost graduated.

    Ame who is a good of my frend in the class, and I got a lot of help from her. After class, she always shared me that teacher teached if I did not go to school, so I also can learn more things of school teaching view from her. If have a chance in the future, I help to introduce Ame to let you two know each other.

    We have a long time didn't have any information each other. How is going at your present in the Northerm of USA(country)? Although you can't come back frequently, but when you come back one day, daddy & mom will be very happiness to see you as you are an obedient child and proud to have a child like you. Hope you can take care by yourself very well in the foreign country.

    Take Care,

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