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New Year's Day 幫我寫一篇作文

請幫我用New Year's Day這ㄍ題目寫一篇英文作文

很急 拜託

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    New Year's Day

    "Five, four, three, two, one! Happy New Year!" When it comes to Christmas and New Year, it always gives me the impression of happiness and flamboyance. I love the New Year's holiday and always hang out with my family or friends. We had been to Kenting to attend the annual farewell party, stood under Taipei 101 and enjoyed the magnificant fireworks show, once we even sat on the rock at the top of Mount Jade and waited for the unforgettable sunrise! How crazy and impressive we were!

    In the New Year's eve, people always plan new resolutions, I am no exception. Some might wish to quit smoking, others might want to keep on a diet and lose some weight, still others may wish to be prosperous and healthy for the following year. My resolution is very simple. I just wish to score high in every exams I will take in the following year, especially the GEPT intermediate proficiency test. Everyone knows English is the lingua flanka (internatinal language) in the world, so I really hope I can master this useful and beautiful language and communicate with foreignors without difficulty. It takes patience, perseverance and practice to fulfill this goal, and I look forward to achieving it in the near future.

    Last but not least, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in year 2008!

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    what do I do on new year's day?


    is there something different about these two years?


    make a wish for the new year.





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