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誰可以幫我找到這篇文章A game for all 的中文?



A game for all ages

by Pamela Osment


One night in 1929, the owner of a struggling toy company, Edwin Lowe, stopped at a country carnival. Because of the late hour, everything was closed except one game stand, which was crowded with people waiting to play. When Lowe went over to check it out, he saw that each player had a small, square card with numbers. As the caller yelled out numbers, those having matching numbers on their cards covered that space with a bean. Players won by covering all the numbers in a vertical‚ horizontal or diagonal row. They then shouted "Beano!" and were awarded a prize. At three in the morning, people were still waiting to play. Edwin Lowe became convinced that this "beano" game was something he could sell.

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