For blues music, which is the best guitar? Could you use a steel guitar?

And which are the best brand names to look for when shopping around for a blues guitar?

Also please add if you play any instrument, and whether you perform the blues or jazz or what. I thank each and every one of you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days.

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    The top brand names for any genre are Fender and Gibson. For blues some use the Fender Telecaster like Albert Collins and Roy Buchanan. The Telecaster is primarily a country guitar though, actually the best. Some use the Fender Stratocaster like Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, and Jimi Hendrix. Others prefer the Gibson Les Duane Allman.

    As for using a steel guitar, do you mean a dobro? Yes a lot of blues people use a dobro. Duane Allman, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, and most of the delta blues people use one . The top brand name is National..

    I do play guitar. I did years ago anyway. I have a Fender Stratocaster and an Aspen acoustic. I can play a little blues and a little jazz. I love both genres.

    Merry Christmas to you too.

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    If by steel guitar you mean a lap or pedal steel type;of course you can.Robert Randolph is an excellent answer to your question,although most wouldn't think of him as a blues purist.If you meant the resonator guitar;the National Steel guitars made in the 1930's were a perfect fit for acoustic blues.There are other brands being made today,but National was the originator.

    As far as the best guitar for the blues-it isn't the guitar;it is the person playing it.Albert King played a Gibson Flying V.Buddy Guy plays Fender Stratocasters.Muddy Waters played a Fender Telecaster.B.B.King plays Lucille(A Gibson).John Lee Hooker played Epiphones.Johnny Winter plays a Gibson Firebird.These are just examples of the many different guitars played by blues artists to show you that it's the player not the guitar.I play a Strat most of the time,but I also have a Les Paul and an Epiphone WildKat semi-hollowbody that I really like.

    Also,Rocky Mountain Way is NOT played on a steel guitar.It's Joe Walsh playing slide on a Gibson Les Paul.

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    The best guitar for blues music is the guitar of your choice. You can play blues on any guitar. Some guitars may be better suited for the blues but that's just a matter of opinion and your own personal taste. I've played guitar for over 35 years and owned several different kinds. I have yet to find a guitar that I couldn't play some good blues on. Personally I prefer strats for electric blues and Martins for acoustic but like I said it's just a matter of personal preference.

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    Get a Gibson ES 335. It cost about $3000 but it is the best piece of equipment for a reasonable price on the market. I have a Gibson ES 330 which is a lot older. It is really nice too but the ES 335 has a slightly longer neck with 2 full scales, better pickups and is a semi-solid body which gives better sustain and dampens body vibrational sounds from coming through the pickups. These guitars are easy to finger pick and the action is perfect for blues.

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    If you look at pictures of different blues players, you will see several different kinds of guitars. It seems you can play the blues on about any kind of guitar. The popular ones I've noticed are:

    Gibson Les Paul - all of the different models

    Fender Stratocaster

    Fender Telecaster

    Gibson ES-335 (or similar Gibson semi-hollowbody)

    There are many more that great blues players play...just research it. Most of all, find a guitar that feels and sounds good to you. I usually play blues on an acoustic guitar or a Fender.

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    Most reputable blues guitarists I have ever known or worked with, seem to either play a Fender Stratocaster or a Gibson semi-hollow body. The Gibson 335 has/was always been a popular choice.

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    I am a drummer so I dont know a lot about it but we only play the blues and jazz and the guys I play with all play a bunch of different guitars. I dont see that any of them are steel though

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    steel guitar is/was used in the south alot,...get a gritty brassy sound that is so earthy,...

    guitar brands;

    fender telecaster is used alot (seems that the pickup configuration lends itself to blues)

    fender stratocaster-versatile

    open body guitars of various makes are used by alot of jazz/blues musicians these days (generally warmer sound)

    there really is no single guitar or amp that is definitively "blues"

    i suggest you play through a bunch of combinations of guitars and amps to find the best feel for you

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    I play an alvarez acoustic,

    a Dobro resonator (wood body)

    and a GIbson ES-135, or a Les Paul studio for electric, but I don't play electric all that much.

    One of the cats I play with swears by his Fender Strat, but really digs his Les Paul also.

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