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Too much light for my turtles...............???

Is it possible for red-eared sliders to get too much light? By that I mean, they seem to be VERY energetic... CONSTANTLY swimming around the tank at a fast pace. I hardly see them rest.

Would it be good to turn their light off at night? There's a dark spot in the tank, and that's where their little cave is. So it's not like the ENTIRE tank is lit up. I guess I just feel bad that they won't be able to see a thing at night with the light off. And I see them basking at night.

Oh, they're only babies by the way... if that changes anything.

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    Turtles should not have their lights on at night. You should have thier lights on for 12 hours per day. With the lights off at night, they should not be basking. Night basking is a sign of respiratory infection.

    Source(s): Proper water turtle care info: http://www.gctts.org/node/72
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    The lights should only be on a 12/12 schedule at most. In the winter mine are on a 10/14. Your turtles need it dark at night so they can sleep like any other animal. They need a dark time for good physiological and pshychological well-being. The lights on all the time causes a lot of stress and doesn't allow their bodies or brains to rest...so turn out those lights!! ;-D

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    I read in a website that 10-12 hours lighting a day is enough for them.

    I have a baby RES, and turn her light off every night, and every thing is OK, she doesn't have any problem with it. but when sometimes I forget to turn the light off, I see her basking during the light is on. however I think they live at nights too, when they are in the nature. therefore we are supposed to turn the light off sometimes so they can have more natural life.

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    They need to sleep- turn the lights off at night.

    Most people who leave the lights on are using them for heat. Please say you are not doing this. This usually means the tank is too small and/or cold for them as well since you cannot use light to heat the necessary 10 gallons of water per inch of turtle shell length to the desired 75-80F.

    Don't worry about not seeing at night- they will be OK.

    Try http://www.redearslider.com/ for more care ideas.

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