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sammy asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

what do dog experts out there think of the dog whisperer?

he seems to good to be true. Are his methods draconian? do they bury his failures? I have seen his show several times, and cant help but be impressed

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  • DP
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    I wouldn't at all consider myself a dog expert.. There have been shows that look pretty impressive. You have to wonder how they are taped. I mean those problems are solved pretty darned quickly. When you consider that the normal person has a hard time getting their dog to come or sit, or getting their dog to stop barking at company... Well it would seem to me that he must be taping himself as he shows up, and training for a while then the remainder of the show must be taped after he has done considerable work with the dog.

    My problem with the Dog Whisperer is when he works with very highly aggressive dogs, and he makes it look like you give a poke here and a little shove there and suddenly your out of control dog is now a sweet little angel.. Well it doesn't work that way, and I think it's dangerous for him to portray the problems as being so easy to solve. Yeah he has a disclaimer on the beginning of the show, but that's not going to stop the average DIY'er from giving the aggressive dog thing a try.. And it isn't going to work out as well for them as it does for the Dog Whisperer. He is showing dogs that could be dangerous, and really hurt someone, seemingly corrected very easily.. Makes you think anyone could do it and do it that quickly.. They can't..

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    I trained my dog without using methods that the dog whisperer uses. My mother recently got a Boxer puppy (it is 9 months old now and she's had it since it was 8 weeks old) and she's bred dogs all my life and has switched to his methods. Yet, the dog I trained (with no experience in training a dog) is better trained than hers is. I think that some of his methods are good, especially for dog with behavioral problems. He is spot on about being calm/assertive and to treat them as if they are dogs not humans. All dogs need discipline, they need to know what is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable. Otherwise you end up with a dog that is over-protective and bites everyone or one that can't get along with other dogs. Be sure to socialize your dog with other animals and people.

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    I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have been training dogs since I was about 8 years old. I think that gives me some experience in answering your question.

    First, please let me say that Cesar Millan does not *train* dogs. He says that himself. He is a dog behaviorist. Training a dog is teaching them to sit, stay, etc. Being a behaviorist is relating to the dog on it's level and understanding why they do what they do. Cesar is excellent at what he does.

    I don't know how anyone could see his methods as draconian. He certainly doesn't hit the dogs. He does show them what is unacceptable behavior and takes a firm stand against it. This is a must with dogs, IMHO, especially if you have a large breed or a protective breed. All I can guess is that you mean draconian in respect to his way of not pampering a dog or allowing it to get away with anything. Again, I agree with this method...because I know that my Doberman will push my limits if I allow him to. He'll be dragging me down the street if I allow it. My Sheltie will bark if I allow it. These things are natural for a dog to do, but unacceptable to me because I want to keep my sanity.

    I do not believe they bury Cesar's failures. I have seen many episodes, I even have his DVDs. On a few episodes he admits that the dog was way more than he bargained for...but he doesn't give up. He remains consistent and calm and shows that he is smarter than the dog...and eventually the dog's behavioral problems are taken care of. I've also seen episodes where the owner's did not heed his advise and the dog actually bit someone after Cesar left. I've also seen Cesar get bitten himself and bleed from it. So, no, I don't believe they bury any failures he has.

    Before Cesar even came on TV I was using the methods he uses. To me it simply boils down to this...speak to a dog in it's native language and they will understand you much easier and quicker. Cesar's methods are nothing new, this has been around for a very long time. Cesar is just the one who brought it to the masses through TV....and he's exceptionally good at it! He has the ability to make himself understood both to dogs and to people. Understanding why a dog does what it does makes it much easier to handle them.

    Like I said, I have been using these types of methods for years before I ever heard of Cesar. These things work and are impressive. Of course a dog is going to understand how it's mother or pack leader would respond to it's unwanted behavior quicker and easier than it will understand us yelling, hitting or any of the other ways we "correct" them.

    Also, if you read up on horses, or other animals, you'll find the same is true for them. They understand what comes to them naturally. The problem is getting us to understand what comes naturally to them. When riding a horse, if you are not in control, if you become frightened or excited the horse can sense it immediately...and you can find yourself in a mess quickly. The same is true for dogs, the only difference is that we are not sitting on their backs, we are holding on to their leash. Give it a try with your dog, an honest try and you'll see it happens....

    Sit quietly, calmly in a room with your dog and most likely your dog will follow suit. Now try acting nervous and anxious, you will see a difference in your dog if you look closely. If nothing else the dog will most likely keep a good eye on you while you are anxious.

  • I love Caesar Milan and his techniques. I used a lot of his methods before I even saw his show, and when I finally watched it I knew everything he was saying but I'm watching from a different point of view compared to others because I have years of experience in training dogs.

    I work in television, so I understand that there are so many hours of footage, and only so much you can show with commercial time and show timings adding up. I’ve bought Caesar’s DVD collection and read his book. I really think he understands dog psychology. And he’s helped so many animals by helping their owners think how a dog thinks.

    We all love our dogs but they don’t think like people, they think like wolves. And a dogs in a good structured environment will be socially and psychologically balanced.

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    One thing about Cesar Milan is that he has very good training techniques, but it goes further than just what you see on the show. When Cesar leaves the owners still have to practice the techniques he taught them- it's not a 30 minute training session and the dog is "cured" from it's behavior problem. So overall, he is very good at correcting dog's behavior problems, but you have to realize the owners still train the dog with what Cesar taught them after he leaves. I do think he's a great dog expert though.

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    He knows dogs. He can read them no doubt about that. A good trainer can read a dog and understands animal behavior. There has to be a dog out there that he can't fully fix. There will always be an exception to the rules.

  • TKS
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    He has a very good understanding of dogs. What needs to be kept in mind is that we see an edited version that makes it look even easier. I do feel he has a point about dogs needing to be dogs.

  • I love watching the dog whisperer! I watch everyday!

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    My friend who was on the show said there wasn't much done outside of what was filmed.

    But that doesn't mean that's true for all the episodes.

  • Anonymous
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    His methods work if you are persistent - however most methods of training will work if you stick with it.

    I enjoy the show just the same - it is entertaining :)

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