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Did Islam ruin Pakistan?

I think if Islam wasn't has prevalent in Pakistan, the country would be a world leader in economy and films...ect. I do not have anything against Islam, but the extremists who came from Afghanistan in my opinion ruined Pakistan. Think about it...Pakistan is a more unified country than India. But then again, they are mostly unified through the same religion. I think if extremists were not there, Pakistan would be a world class country and better off than India, not that I have anything against India of course.


It is true that UAE and Turkey are Islamic and world class economies, but they got a little westernized in teh 20th century- mainly Turkey.

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    Pakistan came into existence because of islam and for its creation millions of muslims lost their lives. NO religion can be responsable to ruin the country and islam perhaps strengthen Pakistan to fight off extrimism and terrorism which are major threat to it.

    Dont think that Pakistan is ruined or is going to ruin so quickly. There have been many attemts to ruin it by India and extremist but fortunately it is surviving and is the biggest power in the Islamic Ummah(world). You're somehow correct that that Afghan immigrants have drastically affected PAksiatan and that ISlam is the real unifying force in PAksitan. So please dont think islam is responsable to ruin PAkistan. And aslo dont think that is islam wasnt there in pakistan it would have benn a better country. You need to stay tuned to current affairs if u want to keep u'r display name historyman.

    Source(s): BY the waty why u all, answerers are jealous with pakistan, what does it have to do with u. Cant u all give a straighter answer. Dont think that pakistanis themselve ruined themselves the seeds ere sowed by the britishers themselves who changed the way of the people of subcontinent.
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    1. Pakistan has remained & still a victom of the concepries of the world leaders or the rulling nations.

    2.Since before and even after the end of cold war with united russia without the assistant & help of pakistan this could have not been possible.

    3.Preasence of NTAO in afganistan is not marelly to stop the war against terriorsim but to have a composite check of russia over CENTRAL ASIANIAN states.

    4.To fullfil their objective they have to stay in afghanistan, &GULF etc.

    5.No body is intersested peace to previl in pakistan except to the fullfil ment of thier their own objectivs....thanks

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    Turkey is a great country in spite of Islam, they don a whole to keep their country secular, it's a hard battle that's being fought daily against Islamists.

    Pakistan is a mess because it's a mishmash of tribes. Islam doesn't help

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    Islam has nothing to do with the state of Pakistan today.

    It is a developing third world country that is coming on in leaps and bounds, and will be a major force to be reckoned with in the future, if it can stabilize its political structure, and stop the infighting.

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    Pakistan wouldn't exist without Islam - it was founded as a homeland for the moslems.

    You can take that whatever way you like.

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    it is not the fault of their religion as well as the extremists. it is their fault. Pakistan has a brain to think with and its their fault why don't they use those brain to unify their country instead of making disorder in their country

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