How to make an apology letter to the college dean for not attending the seminar?

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i dont know how to write a formal letter of apology, i need it badly because my prof asked me to write an apology letter for i didnt attend a seminar in our school for the reason that more
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Dear Mr/Dr so and so, I apologize that I was unable to attend your seminar due to the fact that I had to accompany my mother to a doctors appointment. I heard that it was a great seminar and that you brought up many excellent points, yada, yada......thank you for your time
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  • Jafer answered 3 months ago
    Dear Prof. so and so,
    I apologize that I am unable to attend this seminar at (1.2.2014) due to the fact that I get the agreement from my University at 1.12.2013 and after that I translated all my papers to Czech language from Czech then directly I go to apply the visa at 7.1.2014, the Embassy of Czech Republic told me that I need two month for getting Visa , therefore please could you extend my starting semester to 10.3.2014

    Thank you for your time
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