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Why are dogs primarily used as service animals?

This question is serious and is not meant to offend anyone.

Why don't they use monkeys or other intelligent animals as guides and assistants for the disabled?

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    Dogs are easy to train, intelligent, and by nature they are pack animals, and have a long history of working closely with man--they were domesticated at least 15,000 years ago. Dogs are also much easier to come by than exotic animals such as monkeys.

    A monkey wouldn't be a very good guide when it comes to leading a person while walking, as most pet monkeys are climbers and just want to get into everything. It would be very hard to find a calm, patient monkey. Also you would have to have a permit just to own a monkey, and it would probably cause big problems with illegal trade in the countries the monkeys normally live in the wild.

    Miniature horses are also being used as guide ponies for the blind, as the horses are also easily trained, but they live longer than dogs and have a wider range of vision, allowing them to watch more of their surroundings.

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    Small primates are used sometimes but they are most costly to train and owners require more training (and sometimes a special license) to care for them and the monkeys are more likely to be turned away from businesses despite being trained for assistance - partly becuase of skepticism or ignorance and partly becuase more diseases are transmittable between monkeys and humans than between dogs and humans. I believe there have been a few Animal Planet programs about service monkeys. I'm personally partial to dogs though. They are easier to own and more common, more trainers are qualified to teach them service work, litters are larger so breeding programs are more productive, they mature more rapidly and with less human intervention, and they seem to be more desirable to disabled people.

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    Because they can be ,they are intelligent enough to train and small enough to be practical

    But i think the majority are pets ,and guard dogs (semi pets)

    Of course many are used for police work ,but so are pigs

    A friend got sniffed out by a pig(a real pig) on the Spanish Moroccan border

    BUt dogs are also used in the military ,and guide dogs for the blind,then there are sled dogs

    and Indians and Asians have bred dogs for food

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    In a vegan worldwide using animals in this sense could be seen as incorrect, veganism rejects using animals as commodifications to human beings straight forward as & a seek for possibilities could be tried for blind human beings. maximum AR philosophers argue that pets should not be stored if vegan until eventually if taken from a seem after as adverse to breeding. Heck AR fact seeker Gary Francione has of course mentioned if the dogs inhabitants replaced into drastically decreased, he does not help repopulating them. issues that doesn't be vegan -use of animals in agriculture in any experience -use of pets -use of animals in entertainment activities -use of animals for amenities like for the blind/rescue canines/sniffer canines & some others i'm in all risk forgetting.

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    there is not enough monkeys. more than that the moonkeys like baboons are MORE dangerous than average dog.

    If you are thinking about the chimpanzees, they are not monkeys but anthropoids, and are extremely rare. plus the primates generally are not cold tolerant and have specific diets which are expensive to provide.

    plus the dogs are generally more clean than average monkey, who relieves wherever and whenever it needs.

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    Dogs are domesticated animals. Monkeys are not.

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    Because other intelligent animals are dolphins;swim, monkeys;climb, eagles;fly, and are either untrainable or nearly OR inaccessible by man or illegal to own but there is one special case that a pony is used as a seeing eye animal

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    Dogs are easier to train. Their response methods are quick to react and easy to teach. They also have a history of companionship that suggests their reliable compatability with humans.

    There have also been tests to breed behavior in dogs which was successful in Russia.

    Source(s): Psychology class, Worked in a Pet Shop, Trained Dogs
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    Probably because dogs are very loyal and therefore it is natural for them to want to help and obey. Can you imagine getting a cat to do those kinds of things for someone ;)

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    The reason is, that dogs are gruop animals. They do whatever gives them a reward.

    the secound reason is that they can be trained to do whatever it takes to get the reward. Dog's are one of the most protective of there group, So they are also the most helpful of those allowed, and accepted!

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