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Is it true that it is acceptable for a giant menorah to be at the White House but a cross is not allowed?

Believe me I'm agnostic when it comes to religion and nor do I hate Jews. I just want to find out why this is?

I recall there being some hoorahrah about crosses and nativity scenes being on government grounds before, but it's ok to have a giant menorah on the white house grounds but no Christianity?

Giant Menorah in front of White House,7340,L-3480073,...

Is this ok with Christians and Jews?


Christmas trees aren't of Christian origin it's of pagan origin. No crosses or nativity scenes.

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    I'm not sure about this so if I'm wrong please excuse my ignorance, but isn't a menorah a symbol of Hanukkah and not a symbol of the Jewish faith as a whole? They have a Christmas tree at the white house, right?

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    The law -- not my opinion, but the actual law -- is this: It's okay to have a giant Menorah on government property if there is a nativity scene on the same property. (By the way -- you made a general mention of a "hoorahrah" about crosses, but did not support your statement with reference to any source.) It's also okay to have a cross or a nativity scene on government property if other religions are also represented. The article you linked does NOT mention anywhere that there is no nativity scene at the White House. I am pretty sure there is one -- as well as a Christmas tree.

    Please support your statement with a news source that states that there is no nativity scene or other Christmas attributes on White House property. In the event you can't document that, what exactly is the problem -- the fact that there is a menorah at all?


    You said: "Christmas trees aren't of Christian origin it's of pagan origin." Oh, do you REALLY want to go there? Methinks you don't. Not only Christmas trees are of pagan origin -- Christmas is of pagan origin. It does not coincide with the actual birth of Jesus and was instituted merely as a replacement for earlier pagan winter festivals, including Saturnalia (made early medieval pagans' transition into Christianity easier). None of the gospels identify a birth date for Jesus, but circumstantial evidence suggests spring or summer -- certainly not late December; and the reference to a census means the year of his birth was no later than 4 BC. Christmas has little to do with historical Jesus. So if IT is "Christian" enough, so is a Christmas tree.

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    Is that on the grounds of the White House or near the White House? The Ellipse is actually a public park near the White House. Get your facts straight. :)

    From the article:

    "The larger-than-life Hanukkiya towers over gathered onlookers on the Ellipse—a manicured field located near the White House."

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    That's on the Ellipse just behind the White House, and there's also a giant Christmas tree there.

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    They should have both! Judaism is the foundation of Christianity anyway! We were founded on Jewish and Christian principles, so therefore there is room for both.

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