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Translating Bulgarian text into English?

I have recently discovered a lost relative in Sophia,Bulgaria and need a way to translate Bulgarian text into English and visa versa

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    The best English<->Bulgarian online dictionary I know is . You can get the downloadable version of this dictionary at For a whole text try . There you put the whole text in English or Bulgarian and click on the small button below the field that says "Преведи".But keep in mind that this is just a computer program and sometimes the translations aren't very accurate. Good luck!

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    As I recall, Bulgarian is written using Roman letters. Try substituting the corresponding Cyrillic letter, and look up the resulting word in a Russian dictionary. The Slavic languages have much in common, and this may do the job. I was able to translate a Slovenian phrase using this stunt.

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    Find a computer translation program that is able to translate from the cyrillic text(what Eastern European languages are usually based on) to latin text(which is what English is based on)

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    Chitah-in punjabi Safaid-Hindi

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    Yea, I'll get right on that.

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