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What's the best software out there to LEARN math with for adults? I was in a car accident years ago and lost all but basic math skills (i.e. addition, subtraction, division and multiplication). I'd like to relearn algebra then continue on with geometry, calculus and trig.

A program that is easy to work with, has a high success rate and allows me to upgrade to the next level (without having to change software) would be ideal. Any suggestions?

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    I am deeply sorry for what has happened to you and your memories. However, there is a great site that offers a hands-on approach to math. It is a website called You sign on, get a private one-on-one tutor that teaches you all the math you need to know. You can chat and write on a board with this online tutor so it feels like you are actually in school learning it. I have been on the site multiple times and found that it is a great learning tool. It is a safe and productive website for anyone who would like to learn math, english, history, or sciene. They offer all of these subjects for a small price.

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    Any of the kid's software should be ok.

    Here in Australia the "mathematics computer tutor" software is advertised all the time. It can be used in the home. Math Blaster is perhaps more famous. The inhouse tutoring firms like Kip McGrath have excellent tutoring software but you normally have to use it on their premises.

    I may empathize with you somewhat as, I also have problems with my memory, or my brain not working as it should. I also have reasons to be sympathetic as I had a friend of mine who forgot how to play chess after a car accident. Previously he supposedly was one of the top players in his country. It was frustrating for him because before the accident he could just look at the chess board and the right move would just come to him. After his accident he would have to think through every possibility, one step at a time. It did not take him long to surpass my humble chess skills, so hang in there learning stuff for a second time should be easier than it was the first time.

    His needs were more for someone to walk with him on the journey and someone to play chess with while, rather than someone to reteach what he had lost.

    If you do feel you need to talk with someone in a similar situation I would be glad to lend an ear.

    Math tutoring is something I do extremely well and thoroughly enjoy, so if you want any help I would gladly do what I can.

    If you send me an email I may even be able to send you some software that may help or even write some software for you if all else fails.

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    Math U See, Teaching Textbooks, and VideoText Interactive are all wonderful. They teach you by either DVD or CDRom, and are comprehensive and all-inclusive.

    I had an algebra teacher who firmly believed "girls can't learn algebra", so I never realy learned it the first time son (10) is using Math U See for everything up through fractions, early algebra, and ratios/percentages/decimals, and I've relearned so much from watching the lessons with him. He'll be moving into VideoText soon for algebra through pre-calc, and I've got to say, I have learned so much from previewing that curriculum.

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    I love time 4 learning it is an online program for more then math, but I use it for just math.

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    1 decade ago is awesome. It is free. Check it out!

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