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stores to shop in?

whats a good store for like 12 year old girls to shop that has stylish clothes that are affordable

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    I recommend Aeropostale and American Eagle if you want to buy clothes that are stylish, designer label and affordable. These two stores are at the mall and have online sales too. You can go to Aeropostale and American Eagle, since they have sales all the time- and these two stores are VERY popular among young tweens. Abercrombie and Hollister are popular but expensive, but occasionally they have sales too. If you're looking for department stores to shop, then Kohl's and Macy's are great to shop at since they have lots of deals and sales.Some other stores tweens like to shop at are Limited Too(I loved the clothes there when i was 10-12) and Claire's ( full of fun stuff and jewelry). If you don't like the mall then there are stores like Old Navy, Kohl's and others. Walmart isn't really a great place to shop for stylish designer clothes, but Target is. I know how some clothes today are so expensive and I hope this helps out a lot! Good luck!

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    Abercrombie is so in style, but Hollister is just about the same thing...except much cheaper prices! Aeropostale has some great discounts these few days before Christmas. They have sales like your wouldn't believe, with gorgeous $45 sweaters for $15! If there's a good Macy's near you, they have very fashionable stuff in the kids and juniors departments. I personally am a fan of Nordstrom, and although they're regular prices can be a bit high, they're sales are fabulous!

    kisses, cassie<3

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    Abercrombie and Fitch.


    Wet Seal.

    Old Navy.

    Abercrombie Kids/abercrombie


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    limited too..... but that can get expensive unless you hit sales...

    try shopping at khols juniors section, i know it may SOUND like they'dbe too big, but shope for smalls and extra small, Aeropostle would prolly work well too, if you got smalls, Kohls and aero ALWAYS have good sales, kohls always has racks of stuff 70-80% off...... and aero always has 50% off stuff.... im sure you will be able to fit it.

    Good luck!!

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    hollister, abercrombie, ae, aero, macy's, jcpenny, victoria's secret PINK, pacsun, wetseal.

    & definitely check out the clearance sections of each store! have fun shopping :-)

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    it depends what u mean by affordable.

    abercrombie kids isn't too bad if you look for the right stuff.

    old navy has cute kids clothes.

    limited too is good for kids ur age.

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    suprisingly, target has really cute clothes for girls/teenagers. also try khols, limited too, maybe abercrombie kids (but that can be expensive sometimes....), also that justice stores kinda like limited too, and its really ute. good luck!

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    limited too






    if u go into a mall they have lots of stores too

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    limited too?

    just walk around the mall and look at the stores..

    thats how i came up with those two..

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