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After reading a US Senate Committee report on Global Warming, how can any blindly accept that we are to blame?

I read this report this morning, it seems that more than 400 top scientist from around the world, that Global Warming is not caused by CO2 emissions from people.

How can people so blindly follow the notion that the debate is over, and we must make everyone pay for something that is not really a problem? Does it just make you feel better, like you are doing something good?

Read this and tell me what you think before reading and after reading.


I find it interesting that so many refuse to debate the matter, and immediately call anything that questions Global Warming.

Give me a break, Million's of scientists that support it and only 400 against. That is not debate, that is fanaticism! Show me where you get that number. And I still have not seen PROOF that humans are causing any warm up. I still ask the question...... Astronomers show that over the past 15 years, the polar caps on Mars have been shrinking. Al Gore and the UN are telling us that the effects of Human activity have shown dramatic increase in CO2 and global warming during that same period. Could it be possible that we are also causing Solar System Warming by our actions? Oceanographers show that the ocean is warming at a faster pace than the atmosphere, and that is consistent with solar activity. You dismiss everything from non-climatologists, and call that debate?

The religion of Global Warming sure seems alive.

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    All anyone who really wants to know if Man Made Global Warming is a reality or a scam has to do is look at what both sides are doing.

    Those against the theory are presenting their findings and are willing to support them and debate.

    Those who present the theory as valid refuse to have their work peer reviewed, call those who disagree with them names, try to discredit those who do disagree, try to silence those who disagree and refuse to debate the issue.

    What does that tell you? All I know is that I am a Conservative and I am ready, willing and able to defend any position I take on any subject.

    Merry Christmas!


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    This is like so many issues today, so what if my actions might have a negative impact on someone else?

    It all boils down to the pie concept... there is just 1 pie, the planet. We Americans represent 5% of the people pie, but we serve ourselves 25% of the natural resource pie and then add 28% to the pollution and waste pie... We all talk about our rights, but never consider the rights of others.

    If there is a cake cut into six pieces for six people, and the first 2 people to arrive at the party each eat half the cake, is that OK?

    This is so much bigger than this little global warming issue. It is all about consumption!

    What we consume, how we consume it, why we consume it and what we do with it when we don't want it or need it anymore.

    We know the right answers, we have solutions... we can change for any of a hundred reasons related to these issues.

    Most people who post here can not see themselves as they really are, and how others see them. They believe it's all OK, and we should just keep doing what we've been doing, there's no harm.. but there is!

    Why do we have an immagration problem? Could it be that those outside of this country see that the only way to get their fair share is to come and take it, and dream of becoming Americans too?

    Why do we have a terrorist problem? Could it be that those that have had their piece of cake eaten by someone else just aren't going to take it any more, and this is the only way they can get our attention?

    Don't worry, go shopping all you good Americans... buy those toxic toys, because what you can't see, smell, hear or taste won't really hurt you, it's just a theory... right?

    All those on the opposite sides of every issue truely believe their side is the right side, when in many cases both sides are way off in never never land, which America has become.

    The world is changing, and we are the ones changing it. We still lead, and many will follow, but where?

    Unlike in the past, we have a better idea of what our current life styles are doing to the planet. There are many choices that we are free to make today, that will be forced upon us all very soon if we choose poorly, with out options and no more choices left. Who will you blame then, yourself or someone else?

    We all must meet in the middle and get past this point. We all have valuable input. We have all been created as equals, and should have equal rights and protection under the law. I still believe that, do you?

    By the way, the source of this article is from one side of the issue, not the middle... more polarized crap! The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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    Before reading:

    It comes from Senator Inhofe. So it's probably going to be rubbish.

    After reading:

    It came from Senator Inhofe. It's rubbish.

    There are millions of scientists around the world. Inhofe's study managed to scrape up 400 (100 of which were a cop out, and a number of which were engineers and, apparently, retired architects). Wow. Not only that, but there are approximately 20,000 climate scientists in the world, maybe twelve are named in Inhofe's study. Impressive? Not so much.


    Edit: I didn't say there were millions of scientists who accepted the theory (there are, but I didn't say it). I said that, of the few millions scientists in the world, the staffers that Inhofe employs to surf the Internet looking for global warming skeptics with some modicum of scientific credibility were able to come up with 400.

    And, as I've recently learned, even that number is far too generous. It seems Inhofe isn't playing fair. A large number of names on the list are repeated several times over.

    Not only that, but of the genuine names, not all are scientists, and not all are skeptics. While I was browsing through the list briefly, I came across an entry who was, believe it or not, a retired architect.

    The Cdesing proponentists have managed to scrape together lists of over 700 "scientists" who support ID, surely Inhofe can do better than this.

    Actually, I suppose he's doing amazingly well. He's trying to deceive GW skeptics, and he's succeeding in that admirably.

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  • Anonymous
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    We know exactly where one cow with Mad-cow-disease is located among the millions and millions of cows in America, but we haven't got a clue as to where thousands of illegal immigrants and terrorists are located. Maybe we should put the Department of Agriculture in charge of immigration

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    because it is WE THE PEOPLE THAT MAKES THING RIGHT now they say that we have to fix it our self. but the thing is that they are the ones that start this global warming. they are just balming use people that it was are falt that global warming is getting wores. but the turth is that it is them the ones that have commpany and the ones that cut down trees and hurt the earth...

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  • Bob
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    It's not a Senate Committee Report. The Committee would laugh at it.

    It's more nonsense from Senator Inhofe, who has zero credibility on global warming.

    "The contributions Inhofe has received from the energy and natural resource sector since taking office have exceeded one million dollars."

    Good websites for more info:

    "climate science from climate scientists"

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  • 1 decade ago

    Did you read the report carefully? Did you notice this part?

    "The distinguished scientists featured in this new report are experts in diverse fields, including: climatology; oceanography; geology; biology; glaciology; biogeography; meteorology; oceanography; economics; chemistry; mathematics; environmental sciences; engineering; physics and paleoclimatology."

    Many of those fields have little or nothing to do with climate science. On top of that, there are literally millions of scientists in those fields. Biology? Math? Chemistry? 400 skeptics out of the millions of total scientists - you're talking about far less than 1% here.

    Plus you're talking about 'blindly accept[ing] that we are to blame', yet in reading this report you have to blindly accept that we're not to blame because it contains ZERO scientific evidence. It's just a list of scientists (and even non-scientists) in various fields who are skeptical of some aspect of the man-made global warming theory. It has a brief explanation of why they're each skeptical, but no scientific data whatsoever.

    This list is another of Inhofe's red herrings. If you don't want to follow people blindly, I applaud that. But this report requires blind acceptance.

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  • Max50
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    1 decade ago

    People want simple answers for complex problems.

    When it comes to world climate we know zip.

    We have only about 30 years of world temperature data for a planet that has been around for several million years.

    It all comes down to they want to regulate our lives and tax us.

    Gore is making money so he is now dimiss as any kind of spokesperson.

    Yet he is consider god to them and should never be question.

    I think we need to conserve and take better care but don't use the fear tatics of the far left.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Global warming is a religion. Regardless of the facts, there will always be those that follow others in their faith.

    Now that the Earth is cooling down, they have to change their name to "climate change". like the climate should be the same every year?

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    1 decade ago

    By exploring link after link, the first of the "top climate scientists" is a retired architect.

    What's next, a welder ?

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