Who do you think is better: Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, or Jimi Hendrix?

My personal favorite is Joe Satriani. Then Eric Johnson is still amazing. Although, I never have been a fan of Steve Vai or Jimi Hendrix. In fact, Im listening to Satriani now!


O ya framptons amazing too, i forgot about him! ..."or frampton?" there ya happy lol?

Update 2:

has everyone here even heard satriani play compared to hendrix?!?!?? theres absolutely no comparison!!!

Update 3:

I say GK Dub has my vote for best answer so far, because he mentioned eddie van halen. I was hoping someone would because i completely forgot about him. I just though more ppl would vote if i put hendrix. Anyways, everybody has put great answers so far!!! Thanks everyone!!!!!

Update 4:

Sorry i dont know who Yngwie Malmsteen is or alot of other guitarist you talked about (the ones with weird names lol). O and I agree with mike. Whats the big deal with hendrix?? Hes OK and way overrated...seriously....satriani blows him outta the water...end.....o.....story.....

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  • GK Dub
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    1 decade ago
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    I would say Joe Satriani, with no disrespect towards Eric Johnson or Steve Vai. Although I think Eddie Van Halen would've been a better contender than Jimi Hendrix.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Here's the weird thing - If you asked Satch , Vai , and Eric who THEIR fav guitarist is, they'd all say Hendrix. My vote for Satch would kinda be "The most Un-Hendrix player" , Cause Steve Vai and Eric Johnson covered Hendrix songs, Vai soaked up the spiritual / cosmic thing from Hendrix , and Eric learned the stuff to where he can sound just like if need be. I can't compare Hendrix to the other 3 though , cause technique and guitar tone has come so far since Jimi died.

    Source(s): OMG! Haha!! It's clear that you must give best answer to "mark a" , since he compares Satriani to Dimeola (who he says is souless) , and Santana (who he thinks is a backup guitarist) , My god! where do these people come from???!!
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    Virtuosos tend to put me to sleep, I never saw the point in going to a show to stand still and cheer a guy for how fast he can play emotionless songs on guitar... makes NO sense to me

    So I'm going to have to go with Jimi Hendrix, he was a master of the instrument AND played with heart... others who were AMAZING players and still sent some sort of emotion or message across were ...

    Django Reinhardt

    Robert Johnson

    B.B. King

    Muddy Waters

    Albert King

    Jose Feliciano (during the 60s and 70s recording among the best guitaring i've heard in my life)

    Chuck Berry

    Randy Rhodes (in my top ten metal players of all time, probably the best honestly)

    Jimmy Page

    Eric Clapton

    I'm so SICK of these guitar magazine cover boys being put into lists of 'best of all time' it's such bullsh!t, you know what I'll NEVER be as good anyone mentioned here, but the way these guys come up with music is by studying scales and scientifically making up patterns they can play at a 17 picks a second, THAT's why they all sound so stale and heartless, there's absolutely no story or humanity behind it, just the science of sound....

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    It's just some minor differences in style. Satriani, Vai (and Petrucci) do gigs together in G3, so they're all tuned with each other. Eric Johnson also participated in G3 once, so he's on their wavelength too. And Hendrix, well, Hendrix is a legend. So guess it depends on the person listening. My bf is a loves Vai and Satriani, but my heart is set on Petrucci. They're all great, great guitarists.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it depends on whether you are talking about pure technical prowess or raw gut emotional ability. In my opinion, Jimi has them all beat, hands down as his music came from the heart and soul and all those other guys are just really good guitar players. Music is both a science and an art-form and not a lot of musicians can give you both like Jimi did. Most music today just sounds stale and over-produced to me. BTW, if you really want to dig deep into "guitar hero" history, check out Django Reinhardt, he was phenomenal and he had two mangled fingers on one hand. Some say he is absolutely the best ever, without doubt. The music is antiquated and somewhat "cartoonish" compared to todays standards but if you are asking this question then that shouldn't impede your ability to enjoy it.

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    You have no idea when you state that JIMi is a run in compared to Joe. Without JIMI there would be no Joe, no Eric, no Eddie. Learn your history pal what Hendrix did was truely amazing and still reigns as the best even today.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For Me Personally...Joe Satriani is the best

    I can come up with buckets of guitarists that are way better than Johnson

    Two perfect examples...

    Yngwie Malmsteen and Ronnie Montrose

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm gonna have to Jimi Hendrix

  • 1 decade ago

    I have to agree Jo Santriani is really good. But he still has to earn the respect that someone like Jimi Eric or steve already have.

    Infact everyone you mentioned is influential in there own right.

    Keep listening to that good music.

  • 1 decade ago

    Satriani. No question. Hendrix was a wanker - his style is just sloppy - no precision, can't stay on time, crapped-out tuning - I would say Hendrix is the most overrated guitarist of all time, period.

    Anyway, Yngwie Malmsteen is probably my top pick, but he wasn't on your list!

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