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Anonymous asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastSouth Africa · 1 decade ago

Looking for names of safes and clean residential suburbs in cape town South africa?

Looking for the safest and clean and good culturally diverse suburb in Cape Town south africa. With good neigbourhood, nice community and safe mostly to live with my family. Also want info on rental townhouse in safe community and very good private schools for kids. Thank you. If you have other details that you think would help me for my move there please let me know I will appreciate. As I am concerned about safety and health.

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    Hi there, a lot of our regulars are off-line for the weekend. I can tell you which schools are best, but with the housing it is more difficult. I suggest you contact an estate agent, they will have the information you are seeking. In most areas of Cape Town it is clean with tarred roads and the neighbourhoods are clean. There are also poorer areas where it is not so clean. Here is a link that will help you find areas that have low cost housing (not so good), and higher costs and luxury areas that are recommended for European standards of living.

    You must remember that you will be driving your children to school and fetching them again after school is finished, and if they take part in school sports or music, ballet or similar, you will also be driving them there as the public transport is not very good, and not recommended. So you will want to live fairly close to the schools.

    For estate agents:

    The suburbs that I would suggest are Oranjezicht, Bishop´s Court, Constantia, but it would also depend on what sort of housing you wish to buy or rent. And that is why I think an estate agent will be helpful for information.

    The schools I recommend are:

    Bishops, St Cyprians, Boston House, Herzlia, Constantia Waldorf, Springfifeld

    Here is a list of all the private schools:

    And the Hout Bay International School:

    Source(s): *Add* I am guessing that you are French. I see you do not allow people to e-mail you. If you would like to e-mail me, I will give you the e-mail address of a South African born French school friend (we went to school together in South Africa, and I live in Germany now) of mine who is now living in France. I am sure she will be helpful to you for all kinds of information on South Africa. She is at present visiting her brother who lives in Stellenbosch, which is quite close to Cape Town.
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  • 4 years ago

    I come from the Southern Suburbs of Cape city (around the returned of table Mountain) reckoning on how lots you prefer to pay - solid faculties interior of sight Bishops court docket Constantia and Constantiaberg Meadowridge and Bergvliet precise end of Wynberg Lakeside Tokai Newlands and Travato belongings precise end of Claremont that could desire to shop you busy for a whilst - savour your stay in Cape city

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    4 years ago

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