How do I make a playboy-style magazine/picture album for my boyfriend with pix of me for xmas?

Basically, I'm just going to buy erotic outfits/lingerie and give him a playboy style book with pix of me.

I'm afraid that the place I develop the pictures at are going to look at my pix, maybe even save a copy for themselves. How should I do this?

Some ideas on outfits would be nice too. Or anyone know of a studio that'd do this for me too?

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    Any pro portrait studio should be able to handle this request. If you go through a pro, you're images should be handled with the highest discretion.

    They can recommend outfits, and seeing as you are not a professional model, they could probably help you out with poses and props as well.

    They could even provide you with the book.

    It could be a little more than you are wanting to spend, but if you want it done right, with great images, then a pro is the way to go.

    If you do decide to do this yourself, then go to the library and get some books on model posing. That should give you a good start on poses as well as lighting, camera position and outfits.

    Also, if doing this yourself, do not go to the drug store, 1-hr photo, walmart to get the images developed if you fear that they will be copied or used without your permission.

    Find a local pro lab or send them out to MPIX is a pro lab that accepts online web submissions and ships back to your house. They offer a full line of products including prints of all sizes and photobooks.

    Good luck on your project.

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    look in the yellow pages for studios that do "boudoir" portraits. They can provide all the help, safely and discreetly, that you will need.

    Next best is to contact a college art dept and ask about the models that they use for figure classes. If you explain what you want to do, and ask if you could contact their models for recommendations, you might get somewhere.

    I used to do similar work - commissioned charcoal nude and semi nude drawings - that women wanted to give to their husbands, usually for aniversaries, and got most of my work by reference through other clients. It generally involved at least one photography session, and I would keep one set of prints as reference photos for use in possible future paintings, but with the written understanding that they were to be used only for that purpose and that there was no implicit model release involved. I would show the client the kind of use I generally made of such reference photos, and most were ok with it. Those who weren't were invited to be present when I developed the film, and were given the negatives.

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    Go to a professional photographer - even if they retain copyright (as is usual) they'd need a 'model release form' signed by you in order to publish their images (and not get sued!).

    You're a little late for this Christmas so hopefully your b/f will have himself an amazing present next year!

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    Digital camera and print them your self.

    If you go to a photographer/studio and have your pictures done, the studio usually retains the rights to your pictures. NOT you.

    Which means they can use them as they see fit.

    And what if for some reason you and your BF break up, what will happen to the pictures?

    Just things to think about and consider before you actually do what you are planning.

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    Buy a Playboy and paste your face in. Give him the Playboy Magazine.

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    Looks like someone is going to be on the internet very soon.

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    Christmas is 4 days away, there is no way you can possibly pull this together and it look halfway decent.

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