By a A research done in Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip?

The Lebanness have more fun

Bsed on the brought forth can anyone explaine the reason

Sexuality in the Middle East has less to do with the fantasies of a "Thousand and One Nights" and more to do with sex crimes, according to researchers.

Researchers claimed 50% of Lebanese women lost their virginity before marriage.

Similarly, abortion in Lebanon is prohibited by law, but common in practice. So too is surgery to restore the hymen.

In Lebanon, the law explicitly provides for extenuating circumstances for men who kill female relatives for losing their virginity before marriage.

And yet according to a survey of Lebanese women carried out by Marie Therese Khair Badawi of Saint Joseph University in Beirut, single women have better sex lives than their married counterparts.

Unicef says, more than two-thirds of all murders in Gaza Strip and West bank were "honour killings".

And homosexuality, it seemed, was largely a taboo only in name

But while participants were unanimous in treating sexuality as a problem, they also revealed a world where sexual practice falls far short of the religious ideal.


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these are FACTS

There is need to let people know, if you find somthing in what i wrote that is not true PLESE REPORT IT

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The Lebanness have more fun

Bsed on the brought forth can anyone explaine the reason

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    Lebanon & Palestine are very different. Most people in the west don’t know these 2 facts about Lebanon:

    1- The Lebanese society is very diversified. Lebanon has 17 recognized religions & ethnic sects, of which 45% are Christians (Catholics, Outhouses, etc).

    2- Lebanese people are stereotyped in the Middle East for being very beautiful. To give an idea notice that Salma Hayek is a Lebanese Mexican, Shakira is a Lebanese Colombian, miss intercontinental Lebanese, & there’s Haifa Wehbe, who was ranked among the top 50 desirable women in the world & had Shaggy & Cuba Gooding among her fans.

    It’s very typical that the Lebanese society have some social issues very similar to western societies. (Losing virginity before marriage, single people are happier than married ones, abortion, etc)

    As for the Palestinian society, they have an overwhelming issue which is to deal with Israel. The most powerful military force in the region. The last thing Palestinians want is a domestic issue caused from someone within. This is why they tend to get violent about it.

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    The Palestinian Territories are nominally governed by the Palestinian Authority,which is recognized by the UN as a government in waiting. The PT consists of the WB and Gaza and according to the Oslo Agreement were to have been evacuated by Israel by no later than 1999 so the PT can declare formal or de jure statehood. It would consist of a mere 22.5 % of their original territory as defined by the borders of Mandate Palestine. They ask only for this one thin slice of their former homeland. The Israelis continue to subject the WB to a very illegal and hostile occupation,while evacuating the Gaza only to place it under seige and most recently attack and destroy it with massive firepower while the world does nothing. They want it all and they are quite wiling to massacre every Palestinian in their own territory in order to get it. They think a god called Yahwah gave it to them 3,500 years ago while addressing one of their leaders from inside a burning bush. This is the source of the current dispute,which has actually been dragging on for more than 60 years.

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    dude, where is you question? I am in a good mood today. If not I wouldn't hesitate to report this rubbish. What is your point anyway? What are you trying to prove?

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