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Does this song evoke some thought from all of at this time of year?; the rebel Jesus, I think that it calls us to self reflect , to do more then we do as Jesus would have done; in his time, Jesus was considered a rebel , outside of the norm ; isn't this a song to help us reflect what this season is really about?? perhaps this is why we are getting bad press lately b/c we don't always walk the walk as we should ; myself being spiritual , I think that this song really made we think , not to question my faith but rather to self reflect about doing more as a Christian; your thoughts


haters , do not need to apply ; we don't need to promote hatred and surely we don't need any more outlets to degrade humanity ; rise above the easy keystrokes for once and don't insult people from behind a computer screen

Update 2:

the rebel song by Jackson Browne ; I heard it for the first time today

Update 3:

Jesus can stand the heat but can we??? Faith isn't burying your head in the sand and thumbs up or down don't mean a thing in life; people take things too literally and need to have a little thicker skin; the song is about people who turn a blind eye to the poverty , suffering of man but then have no problem celebrating commerical Christmas; it isn't degrading Christ but showing that we need to be more Christ like if not now when? That comes from non-believers ; how can you see the speck in the eye of your neighbor when you don't see the log in your own; I am not here to persuade or change anyone ; that comes from within; I just meant that this made me think and I am very spiritual and nothing could sway me but this song made me think and that isn't bad nor a lack of faith.

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    I can't get to the song - YouTube is blocked from my current location - but I think I can chime in according to the theme expressed in your comments.

    Jesus was a revolutionary. He came and turned the religious establishment of that day on its head. He didn't mince words in condemning the religious legalists of that time. He didn't waste time with the self-righteous. He went straight to the people who needed him the most - the sinners, the poor, the sick. He set for us an example that, sadly, far too many Christians fail to follow.

    In my opinion, if Christians would spend more time reaching out and showing love (following Christ's example) the world would be a far, far better place.

    In Acts 1:8, Jesus gave Christians their marching orders: Be witnesses. We are to witness with our words, but more importantly with our actions. He *didn't* call us to be judge and jury.

    (BTW, I love this quote: "Share the Gospel; Use words if necessary.")

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    I answered your last question and though you added detail, you also thumbs downed my answer so I could not go further in rebuttal. I did go back and look at the video. It did bother me to a degree in that they called Jesus a rebel and then didn't really have a clear message of resolving the issues.

    Jesus certainly went against the flow of society and still does but to call Him a rebel disturbs me. I rebel against societies wrongs too but to be called a rebel is harsh. I have to go to work right now but I will come back later to finish---as long as I don't have gazillion thumbs down! =+)

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    1 decade ago

    Yes - it evokes some thoughts for me too!

    Chiefly how much I hate comparative holidays - like why does everyone else get to celebrate a Norman Rockwellian picture perfect Christmas with their families?!?

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    5 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    oddly I think Jesus was rebelling against christianity

    he was a Jew

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