Where exactly can i find a prostitute in my city? and should i?

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First question, is where can I find a prostitute or just an anonymous sex encounter. Also, if you think this is a good idea? i'm 24, and increasingly self-conscious of the fact ...show more
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I wouldn't worry about the virgin thing. Most women would be impressed by you waiting.
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  • kyliekissesx answered 6 years ago
    It isnt like losing your virginity is something you can never do. Its going to happen. But sleeping with a prostitute? That's gross, and something you can NEVER take back. You're worried about what people think of you now just because you aren't sexually active. Imagine what people would say if they found out you'd had sex with some girl you had to pay! That's a reputation ruiner, let me tell ya!
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  • kiwisweetie answered 6 years ago
    First of all I think you're just feeling down right now. I dont think you should lose your virginity to a prostitute. Your first time should be with someone that you love (or at least like) and hopefully they have the same feelings about you. It may take a while but at least it'll be worth it. Cheer up and go have fun...you'll find the right one when you least expect it.
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  • Aaron answered 6 years ago
    Like you said, the culture is too sex obsessed, and you sometimes fall into that, to get out of it, go in the bathroom.. and.. ya know.. it isn't a good idea, do you want to just get the only thing in your life that you can only do once, out of the way, do you not want it to be special, and do you want it just because lately things are slow, it is really easy to find someone, you just have to be friendly, not too much and just be there for people, help them out, support them, compliment them, but not overly, don't seem too eager or they will know what you want. Also prostitutes can have diseases like aids, and stuff, and they are a lot more likely than anyone else to have it, basically don't go, just try being slightly different around women, them being happy and safe, and open, turn them on a lot more than looks or.. just to do it

    Just imagine someone asking how you lost your virginity, maybe a partner, could you even say.. it may be a terrible experience and one that will be brought up over and over again, every time you see something sexual, trust me, sex can be great, a lot better with love, but it is way way way over rated, it isn't anything super special, it's just a nice thing to do, we all just want it so much because of the chemicals in our body that say.. our species needs to grow.. make babies, and then we are all sex zombies
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  • lulubug22 answered 6 years ago
    OMG!! DO NOT!! get a prostitute! you do not want to get a disease the first time you get some! prostitutes are DIRTY!! just wait and you will find the right person! theres someone for everyone out there!good luck and I repeat "DO NOT GET A PROSTITUTE!" YUCK!!!!!
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