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DBQ 12/21

The men at the top of American industry in the post-Civil War era can be compared nobody else. They were the elite, the multimillionares (the multibillionares by today's standards) that had a vice grip on America's economy. Men like Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt created a new aristocracy, one that was no more favorable than the one in old England, or the one in the South before the war. With all aristocracies come explotation of the lower social class, and these “robber barons” are no exception. They misused their labor force, manipulated their competition, and in one case, and built their companies soley for the purpose of gaining money.

The gap between the higher class and lower class of people expanded greatly during the industrial era, mainly in part of the industrial giants. These giants were hungry for cheap labor, and (because the cities were growing at such a booming rate) that was easy to find. If a worker happened to get sick, there could be tens of people ready to take his place. The industry took advantage of everyone, in the North and the South. Child labor was used to a great extent. You could pay a child less for more dangerous jobs then.

The men at the very top of the industry seemed to have no drawbacks to destroying their competition. They didn't only want to be the top competitor, they wanted to be the only competetor. Some of the top tycoons would buy out their competitor's supplies to drive them out of business. Others would physically force the owners of the business to sell the company to them “or else”.

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    I really like this. It really captures the corruption of these men and how they used whatever they could take to get on top. My favorite line is "They didn't only want to be the top competitor, they wanted to be the only competetor"

    Ahh the drawbacks of captialism... BRAVO girl!

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    Good job:)

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