DELL or APPLE Notebook After-Christmas Sale?

I am looking online for the best deals for notebook computers. So far, DELL and APPLE have been my top two choices. Do you know of any after-christmas sales for DELL or APPLE? Thank you.

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    Apple doesn't generally have big mark downs on their products, but I would still prefer a MacBook over a Dell Notebook. Macs are just more fun! If you live near a CompUSA, you may want to check there for an Apple, as they are going out of business early next year. Either way, you can't go wrong.

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    4 years ago

    I have a Dell Inspiron E1405 that has had absolutely nothing wrong w/ it despite the bad rap everyone seems to give to Dell. While my friend has had 3 HP (2 desktops and 1 laptop) having to be brought into repair so honestly I wouldn't even try to venture there. My dad has had his Dell Dimension 5100 for almost 4 years and he only had to have it repaired once (not really repaired just fix some overheating issues that many laptops have). I had an old Dell desktop too that performed great until we gave it away. Honestly though if you don't have any problems learning a new OS (I'm assuming you're used to windows but I don't know) then I would go with Apple. The Apple OS X is a much better OS than windows (Vista in theory is what windows hopes can match it). But with windows XP as it is now it basically just deteriorates over time so it's not really a problem with the laptops themselves just the OS. So if I had to recommend a good laptop I would try an Apple, but if your afraid to change away from the normal VAIOs are usually pretty expensive in bang/buck ratio so I would go w/ a Dell personally.

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    First thing.

    Depends on your budget.

    Anything under $1000, forget about apple.

    No matter how good it is, it's expensive.

    As for Dell, it only suck if you buy that $400 laptop

    because they have to cut corner to get to that price.

    And when it crashes, that's microsoft or the 3rd party software/driver. Not Dell. It can happen to any brand.

    I got a XPS M1330 laptop and it's much better than apple's same price level laptop. I got big harddrive, more ram, slot load DVD and finger print scanner and webcam and the whole thing weight around 5 pounds. So it all depends on which model you buy.

    (Same for car, a honda civic is not going to be as good as a acrua RL provided they both made from Honda.)

    Apple is good if you just browse. If you have to use a lot of 3rd party software, then forget them.

    by the way, apple might design the motherboard, they and dell use the same Intel CPU, same samsung or LG LCD screen, same memory chips from same type of distributers...

    and the wireless could be using the same intel chip set...

    Is it really that much different on hardware?

    if you open it up, it's really not that much different.

    But apple sell at a higher price range, so they use more expensive parts, so you have to use similar price range DELL to compare to be fair.

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    Well, the Apple will do more for you right out of the box. If you do go with dell, make sure to add like $200 to the price so you can downgrade from Vista to XP since Vista is garbage. Plus, if you want to do the same with pictures, music, videos etc, add at least $500 to get the same kinda programs... Oh, Dont forget to get the top of the line anti-virus software too for the dell... which you do not have to worry about on a mac.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on what you needs are.Now most small resellers can even custom build an affordable laptop for you for around $500.00 If you need more storage or Graphics that can be added.You don't even have to run Windows. You can use Lindows and get many free software applications. Just thoughts .I personally would stay away from Dell. You can also get HP & IBM remfg. at good prices. Most of the time they are discontiued items that were bought from large resellers but have to be listed that way per Federal law. Also There are some co that sell off lease items at good prices but you never know if they were droped or abused. I would recommend if you are on a limited budjet go to a mom and pop local reseller and see what they might have to resell.If new go for HP if you want a Branded system.

    If you have any questions IM me or E-Mail


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  • JIM
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    1 decade ago

    used apples on the job. but would never pop to pay those prices. i am too tight for that. i have built a couple of pcs. would not bother today. been involved from the beginning, the mid 80s. love the apple family, but i just would not buy a bmw over a corolla. would waste money on hobbies and strange investments. but something like that, i just cannot bring myself to pop for the status of an apple. if you have the money, lotsa money, you will love the apple top of the line. at least twice as much. whatever you get, pay for the extended warranty if you cannot repair it youself. i would only buy a refurbished pc from a mail order discount firm on the net like tiger direct or newegg. i feel safe that way. have done that for the past few years. dont ignore the operating system. i would not allow vista. it aint ready for prime time yet. i have xp pro and good utilities, which keep it humming just fine. pay as little as possible and get lotsa warranty guarantees from a company that is big and has been around for a long time. nobody will provide much help per telephone. if you have a problem you cannot handle, you will be well advised to be prepared to send it ups or whatever and let them replace or fix. they often just replace. you are down a couple of weeks and you don't have to worry about becoming a software expert. that is the best i have to offer.

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    Apple may have new products coming out early in the year. If they do they will run a few specials, however, Apples are never "on sale". You can check with some of their resellers, like They will sometimes have prices a litle lower, also, if you have an Apple store near you you can check with them about one of their "refreshed" items. They are usually floor models, etc that have been set back to factory specs and come with a full warranty.

    The latest Macs have the ability to run both the Mac OS and Windows. They are virtually virus-free and easy to use. Your PC software will not work unless you have Windows installed.

    Go to an authorized reseller and look at the Macs and after you get yours join a Mac user group in your area. You will get lots of support from long-time Mac users.

  • 1 decade ago

    FOR HEAVENS SAKE DON'T GET A DELL! THEY ARE TERRIBLE COMPUTERS! I know they're a good value but they're pieces of junk! I have had to get mine fixed three times in four years, and so have my other friends who own Dells, whereas my friends who own Macs (more than half of all my peers at college) are never having to deal with costly problems! If you do end up going for the Dell, get a three year extended warranty because it WILL break.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think HP or Sony is better than Dell. But, of course, Apple is the best! Then again, you haven't stated your needs, so I don't know what to recommend.

    Dell has the worst after-sales service compared to the other brands. The build quality is cheap and there's so much trivial trialware that comes with it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dell and APPLE (MACS) are two different platforms and two different style of computers. APPLE (MACS) are mainly used for alot of graphics, picture, and movie editing. DELL computer can do that to with some added money and top of the line videocards and sound cards. It just depends on what you will be using the laptop for? School and Office go with, pictures and movies go with a MAC. But please note: the more money you pay the better off the system you will get ;)

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