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Global Warming is a big Hoax and we are stupid.?

Now I don't know that much about this so called 'Global Warming' but It's definetley a hoax. We've been having snow storms every single day in Canada. My dad is a chief engineer on a tanker/ice breaker and he went to Antarctica where the peoples there predict how bad the winter is gonna be. They told him that it will be a hard winter this year.

I can;t belive the amount of moron peoples we have in the world. As an example, no one on my street bought Snow Removal Services and I look at them and laugh seeing them outside removing 50cm of snow with a shovel even though last year they did hire snow removal companies. We are the only ones on our street.

What do you guys think?

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    i think youre exactly right and all the other fools who think they know everything are stupid.

    if anybody thinks its a fact, then i have 1 quesiton. how did the Native Americans get down from Asia to North America?? they walked across the ICE land bridge. soo what happened to the land bridge?? what did the Native Americans do to cause 'Global Warming'?? was it all their pollution- producing horses??

    it is a known fact that the planet goes in cycles of warming and cooling, and we happen to be on a warming cycle. we are not causing it. thats it.

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    Its winter in Canada now right. Hence the snowstorms. I'm sure the winter in Antarctica will be bad too because it is the coldest, windiest place on earth. Do you recon they are predicting a hot summer in the Sahara or a good wet season in the Amazon. You are a fool.

    By the way, its summer in Antarctica now so what the hell would your dad know about winter or predictions of it.

    Do you notice how everyone(skeptics) say things like its a cycle its been happening for millions of years but forget to say that it usually occurs on very large time scales or thousands of years and that all the sharp changes in climate in the past have resulted in mass extinctions. Think about it. Yes there is a cycle, this cycle happens over thousands of years. If it happened in 100 year cycles then we would be able to detect it in written records, ice cores, sediment records. Cycles usually have a pattern. If so why then is the pattern so different now. You skeptics will be the ones that end up looking like douches. Why not just listen to the evidence (on both sides) and make a decision instead of reading one article or listening to the king of douche bags (Bush) and denying any change, saying that experts are stupid and that its a cycle.


    Historically, increased temperature has lead to increased co2. In other words co2 usually is lead by increased temp. This is because as the world heats up, the ocean releases co2 as does the land. In the last century co2 has lead an increase in heat. We know that co2 and other greenhouse gasses trap heat in the earths atmosphere. Increased greenhouse gasses means an increase in heat trapped. The air or atmosphere heats firsts and the ocean heats on a delay because water is more resistant to changes in temperature. this explains the time lag because the earth heats, it takes thousands of years to heat the ocean and as the ocean heats it releases the carbon. This is not happening now.

    Source(s): Read any science text book written in the last 25 years.
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    soo let me get this straight

    global warming is a big old hoax?

    um i beg to differ

    how can people be so freaking ignorant

    yea you live where?


    or in other words

    a very freaking cold place

    come down to the south like

    texas, or mexico

    spend the 'cold' months down here and its like SUMMER to you

    you'd think its hell.

    i lived my entire life down here

    and trust me

    november, december..arnt cold at all.

    why do you think this?

    i personally think it is global warming because what else is there?

    yea the angle of the sun is hitting us alot more than it is to canada

    but come on

    90 degree christmas'?

    i wouldnt call that 'normal'

    so those people who think global warming is a 'hoax'

    try getting some research before put all these accusations on the internet

    Source(s): isnt it obvious?
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    There is no easy to this question. And no, you are not stupid, just lacking much of the information!

    Predicting weather is a monumental task. There are so many variables which are impossible to predict. And for the average person to think they could, is a myth.

    There is disagreement among the scientist, which is good because eventually this will lead to an appropriate answer. Give them time.

    There are many aspects to consider and I am sure they will find what needs to be done.

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    Are you by any chance related to Bob or Doug MacKenzie?

    Please, do a little more thinking on your POV and a LOT more rationalization. Global Warming is just a term being used "generally" to explain that we are undergoing a major shift in polarization. While things may appear to be getting colder in some climates that have experienced warmer times, you cannot deny the fact that many other areas are experiencing unprecidented heat-waves at unusual times of the year. THE POLES ARE SHIFTING. Nothing can change that. So many people throughout the last century, since the industrial revolution have tried to point out to the rest of us that drastic change upsets not only the balance of nature but our own survival. Don't mess with Mother F'n Nature. The poles were due to shift regardless but we sped the process up by about 10,000 or so years.

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    Sure. And so are:

    Most all of the world's scientists.

    Most all of the world's leaders.

    Stephen Hawking. Etc.

    Just a bunch of stupid people I guess.

    There's a lot less controversy about this is the real world than there is on Yahoo answers:

    And vastly less controversy in the scientific community than you might guess from the few skeptics talked about here:

    "There's a better scientific consensus on this [climate change] than on any issue I know... Global warming is almost a no-brainer at this point. You really can't find intelligent, quantitative arguments to make it go away."

    Dr. Jerry Mahlman, NOAA

    Good websites for more info:

    "climate science from climate scientists"

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    "Now I don't know that much about this so called 'Global Warming' but It's definetley a hoax."

    OK, you should have said this earlier! Now I believe you!

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    There is so much information that runs contrary to the notion of man made global warming, that I have a tough time believing that we're still talking about it. When this theory began, co2 was the culprit. And still is, but we know that co2 buildups occur after heat increases. This fact alone throws the entire theory into the dumpster. And it makes sense, after all, decay produces co2 and things decay faster in heat. But if that were not enough, we now know that most of the planets in our solar system are warming. WTF! If we follow this nonsense about man made global warming, we're going to stifle ourselves. We're going to be like dogs chasing their tails. There are plenty of worthy goals for us to work on. Man made global warming isn't one of them.

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    think well. the results of global warming is not just based on your street, it is based on what is happening worldwide. it is not a hoax. try to see what's happening on other countries. why people don't believe on things until they see it?

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    Read "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton. The same guy who wrote "Jurassic Park". Pay attention to the science and the facts. Every diagram comes with a web address. Good stuff.

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