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Christianity VS Atheism ; which is more logical?

if your christian then u accept the omnipresence of god and therefore, accepting god as the 'start'

but if your atheist you believe in such theory as big bang

the 'big thingy' that was just happened to be there just exploded... where did it come from? was it always there?

so your saying matter is self existing and not created?

if thats so, laws dealing with the conservation of matter and energy would have to be wrong invalidating the laws of physics.

say there is a glass of water on the table,

wont the person who says the glass of water was just happed to be there all the way regarded as insane?

person A: who put this glass of water here?

christian: he(god) put it there

atheist: it was always there

which is more logical to you?


im only 16 and i dont even take physics, and i just wanted to hear oppinions

Update 2:

the GLASS of WATER was just an example and a word play so dont be ridiculous

Update 3:

to everyone who missed the point, please read again

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    that god works through science. Rather then then being two separate things, they are one in the same. I believe the existence of the human consciousness after physical death is also scientifically explainable.

    I get my beliefs after doing research on scientists who tried to see if there was any truth to the existence of an afterlife and or the existence of the human consciousness after physical death. It doesn't by any means test Christianity. An it was very eye opening what they found.

    Separate groups from the US to Australia to the UK came to the same conclusions.

    at 16 its important too keep an open mined. But male sure u see all the facts and theories, NOT just the popular ones.

    Source(s): look at #9 especially. at 16 its important too keep an open mined. But make sure u see all the facts and theories, NOT just the popular ones.
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    Someone put the glaas of water there, because MAN created drinking glasses, therefore GOD didn't do it and the glaas wasn't there until man created it, so it was never there. Logically I go by science but I do believe in God. I don't believe in organized religion becuase it's man made. BUT even then, I was raised Catholic, so I'll always celebrate Christmas with the family.

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    Obviously atheism is based on logic; Christianity is based on faith and belief. Religion isn't about logic, the point of most faiths is to believe without needing to have exact evidence and definitive proof of everything. You are using a weak allegory to represent something that is very complex; faith or lack of faith are two things that cannot be trivialized like this. Neither person in this scenario would be insane either way, that is simplistic thinking. Neither person can be proven wrong in the final statement.

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    One question that must be requested - grow to be the "prediction" of Jesus actual or did some one examine the text textile and say "men have we've been given a load of suckers right here and would make a mint off them" and "create" their very own Jesus. the comparable is going for all the "prophecies". Are they actual or picked up by potential of hucksters attempting to learn. The "prediction" of the destruction of the temple grow to be written approximately two decades after it occurred. as some distance because of the fact the sciences, the Sumerian pills which pre-date the bible by potential of 2000 years or greater had all of that innovations and lots greater. They even knew approximately all 9 planets, a number of which we in basic terms found contained in the final 2 centuries. as some distance because of the fact the bible ideal to "mind-blowing discoveries" I even have heard that from many human beings and no person has yet to instruct me something of that nature, they only make those sweeping statements. some human beings have made some tries at it yet what they have given as "discoveries" have been orientated in the direction of 6 365 days olds at Jesus camp, no longer those with useful braincells.

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    Who cares? To each his own. Believe what you believe. Personally, I am a Christian, but take the Bible as a story book not a guide to life. I believe in evolution and the Big Bang Theory- BUT i don't believe they would've happened without a higher being. (God)

  • In light of 'immaculate conception'; parting of the Red Sea; scientific merit can be given to any of these biblical blabberings, so I'll put my faith in tangible proof. Atheism all the way!

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    Atheism is more logical. Who says they have to believe in a theory? Atheism only means you don't believe there is a God. It doesn't mean you have to know why.

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    personnally im a Christian to each his own though even by my beleifs they would go to hell go ahead and be dum but i mean i warned u

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    You need to do some more studying before you post a theological question...

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    One cannot understand or believe in GOD.... by .... LOGIC!

    (Romans 1:17) For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, "The just shall live by faith."

    Thanks for Asking ! RR

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