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Is it safe to put a hot water bottle on top of the bird cage, between the fleece blanket hes covered with?

Its quite cold tonight as its fog and frost out. Its usually very warm in here though but concerned during the night if my budgie feels the cold when the heating is off.

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    Toby, your bird can thermoregulate if it has feathers. It is sweet you want him to be warm, but unless it is below freezing he will be okay. Besides heat rises so putting heat on top of the cage would not warm him.

    You might buy a warming perch for him - I have one for my parrot. It plugs in and keeps their little tosies warm. It rarely goes below 50 in my bird room but their feet have no feathers although they do hunker down onto their feet and cover them with nice warm feathers.

    Since you cover him I am sure he will be okay.

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  • Fancie
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    1 decade ago

    First parakeets come from Australia were the nights and winter can get very cold... Even freezing.... so in the wild they were able to deal with a drop in temperature. That said I wouldn't add the extra heat at night.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You don't have to worry unless he is shivering ,and the heated perches work very well,since they lose heat out from their feet first.

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