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Russian Revolution?

Was America involved in the Russian Revolution?

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    Depends which revolution you are thinking about. The revolution led by Kerensky and the Mensheviks, which caused the Czar to abdicate did not involve any U.S. action. After the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, overthrew the First Provisional Republic government the new regime of Soviet Russia signed a separate peace with Imperial Germany and resigned from the First World War. At that point, the British Minister of Munitions (Winston Churchill) convinced President Wilson to dispatch American troops to Murmansk and Archangel to guard allied munitions still there in storage. The "guard force" was commanded by a British general. The Americans were mostly National Guard from Michigan. But, that intervention (with a similar one in Siberia) was an American reaction to the Second Russian Revolution. Not one of having a hand in either of the two revolutions.

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    Yes, during 1919-1919 American, Italian, Japanese, and American forces intervened but did little. American troops did have a few minor skirmishes with Bolsheviks but mostly held a White Sea rail line. There were some American troops briefly in Siberia too. The British were the most involved and the most intent on crushing the Bolsheviks, even using mustard gas against them, but without support from the other allies, the British also eventually withdrew. The American forces in Russia were very small, never more than a brigade in strength total.

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    There was a lot of discontent in Russia...the peasants, the workers, the non-Russian national minorities....where you have discontent, you have a ripe breeding ground for revolution. Add to it, the Czar's disastrous showing in the field during WW I, Rasputin being detested by everyone, peasant and noble alike, economic inflation as a result of WW I, and the growing hatred of the Czar and all he represented. There is no quick, easy description of the cause of the was a number of things, all working together in a very short time frame, that led to the initial riots and revolts, and ended in a full out revolution.

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    Russian Revolution 1905-1917.

    The revolution started in St. Petersburg and was led by a priest..........

    If you want to know the history please go to the following website. America and Europe were on the side-line and were not involved physically. - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

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