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what are red sox and Yankee fans feelings on Clemens?

do you finally have something in common?either hate or love roger clemens?is he a liar?or falsely accused?

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    RED SOX fans feel vindicated and Yankee fans are looking for ways to deflect this onto the RED SOX .

    EDIT: They feel "vindicated" because he is alleged to have started when he met Brian Macnamee after he left the RED SOX and went to the BLUE JAYS and continued using all the way through his stint with the YANKEES. He was declining for the last 2 seasons w/ the SOX and when the SOX refused his contract demands (which would have made him the highest payed pitcher in baseball) and instead opted to trade for Pedro Martinez some thought it was a shot a Clemens. Then there was the "Twilight of his career" comment made by then SOX GM Dan Duquette. Now that it has come to light that he had to resort to steroids to get his career back on track the RED SOX are in a sense "vindicated" because they saw the decline in his "natural" performance and didn't pull a YANKEES move and sign a player for what he DID instead of what he will DO. As far as the Yankees WORLD SERIES wins NOT being tainted goes. How can anyone seriously say they aren't? It now turns out that half of the 2000 WS title team was on the "JUICE"! Not to mention the guys that were listed who were on the team as far back as the 96' 98' & 99' teams too! It's a fact now and thanks for proving my point about the Yankee fans trying to "deflect" all the blame on the RED SOX or George Mitchell. I knew all you Yanker fans wouldn't let me down!


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    I think that Red Sox fans are cheering that Clemens becaue he is a prominent Yankee. I know that Clemens started his career with the Red Sox, but the report ays that he took it in '97--when he was on the Jays. Most Red Sox fans are happy because they feel that because of this written piece by their director that the Yankees record is "tainted". How so? I have no idea. I sort of chuckle when people say that because it is totally not true. Yankee fans, such as myself, are feeling a little betrayed, angry, sad, and some are denying it, but not most. It's really horrible that people actually do take steroidsor other performance enhancing drugs, especially illegally. It's a dent on the game of baseball that will stay with it until the very last day that the game is played if it is in a hundred, a thousand or a million years.

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    I hope that the team someone likes doesn't determine how that person views this. It doesn't matter if you hate him or love him. He was a great pitcher. He put up some crazy numbers and was fun to watch. Baseball needs players that people love/hate. They just don't need the steroids and HGH. I don't care who the player is or what team he plays for, if he does this sort of thing he is cheating. All players that cheat should be viewed the same way.

    To more directly answer your question, I am dissapointed. I am still a baseball fan though and hopefully things will get better.

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    Clemens is lying.He's lying so bad that he has Yankee faithful doubting his innocence.

    What some don't get is that the man is 45 years old, and still pitching with a velocity as high as 90 miles per hour.I believe that is next to impossible to do w/out something helping you along.

    Source(s): I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying..........
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    How could Sox fans feel "vindicated" when he won a few of those Cy Youngs with Boston?

    I'm a Yankee fan and the whole situation sucks cuz u can't trust anything in baseball anymore. The bottom line is, he didn't fail a drug test and unless they have absolute proof that he took HGH or steroids, I'm not buying it.

    Moreover, the Mitchell report is "thorough" but not totally comprehensive or representative of the entire league (even if every team had one guy named in it).

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    I think the Red Sox do not care and the Yankees are okay with it.

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    I never thought of him as a real Yankee so his cheating means nothing to me. The Yanks were great before he came; we didn't need him. If they want to take the 2001 series away because of him, that's fine with me.

    Never a real Yankee!

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    I think the yankee fans will try to sugarcoat it as much as possible.

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    i never cheer for clemens but rigth know i losse the faith in baseball,

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    They wished he nev er set foot in our state. He is a disgrace for taking steroids.

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