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Thinking of switching to alternative medicine?!?

I have just recently thought to switch to alternative medicine. I am 24 yrs old and have several health problems which do not seem to be improving. I feel that the Doctors only give me medicine to cover up the symptoms and not try to find the cause. I was recently at my Gastro and was told I have malabsorbtion and gastroparesis. The NP I saw was looking at my chart from previous blood work and not addressing my problem now. I was told one thing by one Dr, she told me different. I felt I was wrongly diagnosed. Our family just got into going green and all organic. I am ready to throw in the towel with medicine as well and try a different approach. Has anyone switched from modern medicine to alternative/hollistic? If so did you benefit from the change?!? How?!? I am ready to try anything at this point because nothing has worked thus far with my heart or gastro problems. Any advice or suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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    Yes, we have switched, over 20 years ago. My husband had a kidney removed for cancer and was going through lots of illness from all the stuff they had him do after just for checkups. I had a birth defect discovered by a chiropractor which was causing problems I constantly visited the MDs for, but they didn't catch. My daughter got whooping cough when she was fully vaccinated, and the list grew, so we finally cut the MD strings and went out on our own to care for our health in more traditional manners.

    We used mostly chiropractic for professional help at first, since my twisted spine needed serious reconditioning. Then we started learning about ways to maintain health, which is really key in "alternative" medicine, which is more appropriately called traditional health care.

    We are at the point now that we use many alternatives to the nouveau modern medicine which is allopathy. We don't do prescriptions, over the counter or doctor visits unless absolute emergency. My son is allergic to antibiotics, so we had to find an alternative there. My husband was suffering from fatigue, so we went to a Naturopath who is absolutely wonderful and did lots without having to do drug symptoms.

    The best way to do something different is to start a little at a time. I would never suggest that if you are on maintenance doses that keep you from having serious or life threatening issues to stop doing allopathy. Instead, start complimenting with other therapies. Read about your specific problems and start implementing nutrition changes that will help. My mom is 68 and was diag with high blood pressure and sugar problems. She didn't want their drugs, and it was mild, so she made lifestyle changes and still visited her doc to be monitored. After 6 months, testing was done again, cleared her and she was on her way.

    I would do a Naturopath/Chiro if I were going to start where you are. They are good about working with MDs and helping you move forward. Look for recommendations for good ones near you. We drive 60 minutes for the one we use, he is known across the nation for his work with cancer patients, and very successful.

    Good luck in your new path!

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    I quit chemical medicine about 18 months ago. I am 72 and had 5 bypasses 10 years ago. Pharmaceuticals almost killed me. I still have blood tests done and other procedures such as listening to y lungs and heart but I make a decision on other aspects of health. I take side effects seriously. I am on NO medications. I drink GOJI 100 from Genesis Today and I have good BP, Sugar is controlled and I don't worry about cholesterol.( It is better high than low as far as protecting from heart attacks.) I had a few bad doctors. If I knew a good homeopath I would re enter the medical system

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    VERY good idea to change. I lost total faith in the medical profession also. Since I got into natural therapies I am so healthy and happy. I used to be sick ALL the time, and tired and grumpy. I haven't been sick (not so much as a little cold) for about 2 or 3 years now. I can see the difference in my kids too. I recommend kinesiology, homeopathy, osteopathy and other energy work such as reiki, they all turned my life around. As you said, you are willing to try anything at this point, so go for it. I think it is a pity that most have to be at the point before they realise the benefits, but well done on being willing to try. My dad has finally gotten to that point too after years of laughing at me, he is seeing a kinesiologist soon about his cholesterol because the doctors just keep telling him to take medication and he doesn't want to keep doing that for the rest of his life. I am sure you will see wonderful results if you persist at it, sometimes it can take a few sessions.

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    Not sure I understand all of your post. But it's not like changing religions. If you are interested in naturopathic health, then see what they can do for you and try some things and see if they work!

    That doesn't mean you shouldn't use the Doctor for normal things or more serious health issues! Try to get the best of both worlds, and be an informed consumer of both forms of medicine.

    Never just blindly do anything anybody tells you to do, whether regular or naturopathic! Do some research! (Watch out for "flaming" sites that automatically attack everything alternative and lie and distort the truth whenever possible - find some independant research).

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    This is a two edge knife story. I still believe in nature medicine. I have use several different kinds for different problems. But you have to do a bit of research on your part as well. Just don't go out and buy the first quack's indoctine, or mixture. Use the web to search at least five to six different sites. It also helps to use other search engines when doing your own research.

    Doctors are human and I mean human. They can make mistakes or be to busy to do a full work up on you as well as taking heat for the insurance guy tring not to pay him for his time.

    You also have sharlets out here peddling for the all might dollar.

    This is a web site I have use since 2006 for several herbs that really do as they say they will do.

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    Alternative medicine is fine because in general you avoid side effects with some isolated exceptions whereas most prescription medications have side effects and some of these side effects are very bad.

    Natural remedies often work a lot slower than prescription medication so sometimes natural remedies are insufficient and you have to take some prescription medication depending on the particular problem.

    If you read the questions and answers in alternative medicine you will learn quite a lot. There are, of course, a lot of junk questions as well as junk answers that you must disregard.

    You cannot dispense with a conventional doctor and you must regard alternative medicine as supplementary medicine or perhaps your doctor could be regarded as supplementary to alternative medicine. You definitely need both.

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    Go to Barnes and Noble and check out/get one or both of these books. "The Nature of Animal Healing" by Martin Goldstein, DVM "Holistic Guide to a Healthy Dog" by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM They both cover natural/holistic medicine/remedies for dogs. A lot of good info.

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    It is probably a good move.

    I see my chiropractor first for any ailment. If he cannot help he refers immediately. Next week I will visit a Homeopathic Practitioner for the first time.

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    20 years ago, I was involved in a serious accident that left me permanently paralyzed. I would never have suggested someone in that situation go to a N.D., but ever since then I have pursued traditional wellness health practices to get off the 14 different toxic "medications" my doctors had me on, and I have had great success. It all starts with organics, and raw ones at that. When not raw, take enzymes to help digest. Take probiotics (good bacteria) for GI health. Take superfoods for supernutrition, and use specific supplements for certain dis-ease in your body. A great site to check out is headed by Mike Adams, known as the health ranger, who has no financial ties to the companies/products he recommends, and I have no such ties to him, but love to help all I can. The site is . Good luck and good health! -Rob.

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    I think it's a great idea to switch over to alternative medicine especially because it can't harm the body and it has no side effects.

    But i may add reinforcing the problem may not solve what ever condition you have it makes it as a battle. Matrix energetics is the best way to heal any ailment.

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