i have 1990 chevy caprice car i put a new motor in my car and put a computerbox in me car ,sparkplug wires?

check the fuelpump it,s working and all so put started fueld. so help me why and tall me why my car what start!


and gas is not come out my copperor

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's an internal combustion engine ( suck, squeeze, pop, phooee) It has to suck air and fuel into the cylinders, intake valve open piston traveling down (intake stroke) now it is necessary to squeeze the air/ fuel mixture, piston traveling up both valves closed (compression stroke) when a/f mixture isv compressed to 1/8 of it's original size we add pop (spark) and kaboom we have combustion drives the piston back down both valves still closed. as piston reches bottom dead center we need to get rid of get rid of our now spent a/f mixture so we open exhaust valve as piston comes up and phooee out the tailpie our exhaust goes now we need to repeat repeat repeat repeat so if you have fuel compression spark and a place to **** it all out you are running of course TIMING IS EVERYTHING proper ratios help of course . and with an injected engine it is necessary to open injector so that we have the f in our a/f mixture it really isn't that simple, but it is!!! good luck

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